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Producers of the turn-based strategy RPG series World's End and experimental electronic music.

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so yeah i found these good musics that would help you for your famitrack music… best of chiptunes(8 bit music,retro visuals)… ready for battle (by oscar rodriguez)… keep going for the goal (by oscar rodriguez)… sexy love (MMD Elsword) animated by zennygirl but that game(Elsword) is from a korean company called KOG you will heard some famitrack moments with electric music

since you all also working on electric music i recommend you guys listening to these :meow:… the malevolent hero (by Robert Russell)… dont look back (by Robert Russell)… magnus mortis (by Robert Russell)… prelude to the last crusade (by Robert Russell)… the end of destruction (by Robert Russell)… the edge of the world (by razihel and xilent -Monstercat)… robot love (by Klaypex ft.greta)… mentai cosmic (By yunomi) this song is japanese but its made with techno music
happy new year and happy birthday :3… you may see ivans spear and attire :3
How the Hell do you have only 5 llamas? Have a 6th one, from one of your loyal Gimps.
worlds end chapter 3 more episodes

ep 15 emeria wilderness....

once aizu had regenerated fully tevoran and company set out to track down duriken and his minions on their way out of the forests of emeria they encountered an interesting ruins edwin tevoran had warn his company not to go in there as there are demons and monsters lurking in the ruins waiting for the next victims but then edwin had no choice but to join his whole gang in the ruins as they seen an "old ancient history legend written down by emerian people saying that there is an orb contains a great magic that will overwhelmed evil that had conquered the lives of innocents" then later ivan vaclav started to think that once he and his friends have that power they can defeat duriken and the cloaked woman because they had grow more stronger because of their hate,anger and thirst for venagce of tevoran and company's death.

but once tevoran and company had go inside the ruins of death demons,monsters,evil looking creatures started to attack them tevoran and company had no choice to fight back.

after a painful battle against the ruins guardians,demons and monsters they had to run into a huge looking door covered in vines and mosses and then once they were inside they had closed the doors in order not to let the evil creatures inside to kill them then tevoran and reynold had spotted lots of treasures and they saw the magical orb that will make them stronger to defeat evil. after tevoran and company had grabbed the orbs power(new abilitys and +400 skill points) and some of the treasures(+2500 zloceks in the gameplay) they set out to the main cities of emeria.

for the new ability that tevoran and company gain is:
ysable: magic bolt causing a random debuff(poison,stasis,lagged,burn,slow etc.) to her enemys
ivan: terror of the spear striking his oppenents 5 times causing lagged
tevoran: mighty blow by striking his sword to the ground causing an explosion to the enemies around him by dmg 50-65 of enemy HP and knocking them back
reynold: death punch killing his enemies by a 50% chance if that chance miss it may cause 60 dmg to enemy's HP
oksana: heaven's death strike causing her enemies stun and lagged like the cloaked woman's earth bind but the dmg is 45-50
zofia: machine gunner zofia had invented a new weapon called a machine gun by shooting her enemies 10 times causing 80 dmg
vadim: assasination by backstabbing his enemies causing instant death by 50% chance
aizu: master regenaration heals herself up to 50 HP and regen 2 turns and headhunting expert causing damage to enemies by 50-60 25%chance of instant death
casimir: alchemy god by increasing his attack,hit and evade up to +50%
prince martin: royal smash by causing his enemies stun and dmg enemy HP by 40-60

ep 16 the capital of Emeria...

as they had arrived the city they were too late and they had seen duriken's bishops summon the trees alive(known as tree people seen in lord of the rings and the hobbit) as they were equipped with steel swords and casting earthbind and freyfire(like the cloaked woman) and having a critical damaging slash called earthly slash causing poison and tevoran and company is going to use their new abilities to fight them as they had the power from the orb.

after a bloodshed battle against the tree people and the bishop some remaining soldiers of emeria and locals told tevoran and company that had seen the voronese chancellor summoning strange evil creatures from hell and they were defenseless against them by using swords and bows and spears so they had told them about a cursed ruins in the emerian religions and legends but edwin tevoran had already told them that they had discovered it because of their curiosity then later the people had give them locations and details and told them that they reconizged the prince of vorona that his sister was in the capital's tower guarded by evil tree people,demonic creatures from the cursed emeria legendary ruins and the hrvancai's magicians as tevoran and comapny is going to a supernatural fight against the conspiracy that had been plotted by the evil chancellor duriken.

ep 17 the clock tower of Emeria...

princess vera had been waiting for her rescues until she spotted prince martin and tevoran and company to barged in the door of the clock tower then later they spotted an evil creature as vera had warn them that this tree man is more stronger then the others that they had fought in the town capital. prince martin was injured in battle as vera was shocked to see her elder brother dying oksana quickly heals him by using her magic and once they reach out the clock tower the locals had been seeing the red shields searching for those who had slaughtered bernard and claude ivan was about to get really frustrated by the red shields. tevoran and company was going to head another ruthless battle with the remaining red shields and the voronese army however the remaining infantries and soldiers of Emeria decide to aid the tiervan citizens which is tevoran and company in battle against the evil forces that took over their lands.

after a terrifying battle they decided to take a rest in the destroyed town with the remaining survivors of Emeria and set out on another journey to take down duriken as he was searching for the god child to consume the powers of it so that he could be an immortal being like the god child.
more ideas for worlds end chapter 3

skills for tevoran and comapny

for ivan: brutal strike - by impaling his enemies with his spear causing bleeding and stasis
fatal hits - makes ivan giving the enemy 2 punches and a kick and pushing his enemy back 1 space
spear martial arts - boosting ivan's hit and attack and HP by +10% (for HP +25)
tough body - making ivan defense and evade up by +10%
stamina training - making ivan hit and evade up by +10% (for his movement +1)
deflecting projectiles - ivan would deflect his enemy's arrows and daggers away up to 50% by spinning his spear

for edwin tevoran: boot and blade - tevoran will kick his enemies back by pushing them back 1 space and cutting them
cripple - making tevoran damaging his enemies by crippling them by causing with stun and fatigue
cursing - making the enemies come after tevoran by causing enrage for 2 turns
head hunter(like aizu) - tevoran will use his sword to cut his enemy head but causing 70-80 damage
sharp reflexes - increase tevoran hit and evade by +10%
intense training - increasing tevoran attack and defense up to +15% (for HP +30)

for ysable tevoran: head shot - ysable will be aiming her crossbow at the enemy's head causing 80 damage
stomach stabbing - ysable will drive her dagger into her enemy's stomach causing bleeding
poison arrow - causing poison to enemy
stasis shot - crippling her enemy's leg
mockery - enemies will come after her but casuing insult for 1 turn
marksmanship - increasing ysable hit and attack up to +20% 
master bowmanship - increasing ysable hit and evade and attack up tp +20%

for reynold chesterfield: pressure points - making reynold hit and attack up to +20%
intense martial arts training - increasing reynold evadesup to +10% and his movement points +1
iron fist - reynold will land a fatal punch to his enemy's damage up to 60
backflip kick - reynold would kick his enemy straight to the face by flipping his whole body backwards
broking elbow - reynold will use his elbow to strike his oppenent's face causing stun
knee stomp - making reynold breaking his enemy's legs causing fatigue
headbutt - reynold would headbutt his oppenent f they are too close to him

for prince martin: mace combo - martin will smack his enemy with his mace about 3 times causing SAP
royal blood - boosting martin's HP up to +20
counter attack - martin would be able to counter his enemy's attacks at 25% chance
dark clever - martin will deflect his enemy's arrows or daggers by smacking it with his mace at 50%
mace to the head - martin will smack his enemy's head causing stun
cheering up - martin will say some encouraging words to boost his party members +10 Action points(AP) and boosting +5 special points (SP)

for oksana: impact hit - oksana would use her mace/sickle to gore the enemy apart
cure all - oksana would cure all her party members
gods wrath - oksana would summon lots of holy bolts on the enemy raining down from the heavens causing them burning
earth spike - she would use earth elemental magic to smite her enemys by summon a spike under the enemies
fire ball - oksana would use a fire elemental magic causing her enemies with burning
water strike - she will use water elemental magic push her enemys back with a damage up to 30
wind punch - oksana would either use a mace/sickle to smack her enemies back by pushing them back to 2 blocks away
void hit - oksana will cast a dark spell attack to her enemies causing them blindness