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Rebel Alliance recruiting poster
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My next wallpaper.
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For the alliance 
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So you're the "culprit!" I found this on the internet a year or so back, but it was not "attributed" to anyone. I snagged a copy off of the internet just for my own enjoyment (it's my PC background wallpaper), and used it once on facebook. I'm glad I finally found the original author, to give fair credit where credit's due. Awesomeness on steroids, multiplied be greatness squared.
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As we now know this is Starkiller's old family crest and they used it for their Rebel Alliance symbol.:) (Smile) 
May I use this for my Facebook cover photo?  
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Can I use this logo for a shirt design? Please respond asap!
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fuck yes is all I got to add. I'm actually using this as a background for a letter I enclosed with a star wars essential guide I bought as a gift to a friend, so thanks for that :D
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Any way I could buy a print of this? I think a mouse pad would be perfect. Or on a case for my iPhone. :D
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