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Adoptable (Open)reduced by Mezamete-Akai--Tsuki Adoptable (Open)reduced by Mezamete-Akai--Tsuki
  Another of the advent designs ^^    
If you watched bleach, he's somewhat like Kenpachi xd(a sexy vers lol) anyhow, like kenpachi(aka his eyepach), he's sealing his crazy power. and so i made his chibi withouth the blindfold. he has black/white eyes and tattoo under his eye.   

SnowflakeSET PRICE - 250 EURO  -> 215 Euro  - OPEN-What you will get: the above design full size, 1 sketch chibi and and 1 sketch+solid colors(below)   
Snowflake First come,first serve. 

PAYMENT PLANS: Payment Plan Info

SnowflakeIf by any means you want these 2 extras full colors, it can be done for extra payment.  
Advent Calendar Adoptt  Extra 2 by Mezamete-Akai--Tsuki Advent Calendar Adoptt Extra Art 1 by Mezamete-Akai--Tsuki


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please read the rules by Th3EmOo!!!!RULES ( please read all of it ):

Adoptable, Customs and commission info and rules!!I thought to add all in one journal.. keeping all rules on deviation is a pain (¬‿¬)
so here we go the rules for existing adoptable , customs and commissions
: :
  :bulletblue: Please only bid if you're serious! You should assume that the bid you make WILL win so don't make a bid counting on the fact that someone will out bid you.
:bulletblue: Please bid in chain to let everyone to keep track of the bid by bidding in chain (in any case reply to the highest bidder
:bulletblue: Reserve Bid/offer-- If reserve bid is not reached, I reserve the right to keep him for myself or keep the auction going until i get a good offer
 :bulletblue: About Snipe guard ( A sort of "help" for people to prevent someone arrives at the last minute placing a bid ) , I write in the description the Snipe guard time , if an offer is placed in the last hours before the ending time , I have to wait the indicated time in the description until no
rosiecrafts Featured By Owner Edited Mar 9, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
awesome character and colors!:) (Smile) 
Voxaxe Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2019
love this boy and i love kenpachi zaraki, to be fair i think he is pretty sexy as he is, but this guy has his own version of sexy as well. He is pretty amazing and i adore him !! ope he finds a good home, your designs are always inspiring to me !! <3
kuinme Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Student General Artist
it's just amazing
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