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Fresh burnt

By Mezamero
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"Those birds were the first to taste my cursed flesh"

The artblock and the Blackbird, they always come together :D
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© 2014 - 2020 Mezamero
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That can't be good for her health, haha. Really nice work.
delaverano's avatar
Impressive... truly... impressive!
PurpleScissors's avatar
These two colors, vibrant orange and pale greyish-green, are your signature. When I see them together I know it's your work. :)
ARTabstraction's avatar
Ooooooooh I love the tone contrast here! The warm colors pop so well omg.
madwriter's avatar
This is truly beautiful.
CRFahey's avatar
Everything you do with this character is absolutely gorgeous~
Diewkie's avatar
I can't stop coming back to this amazing picture. It's so gorgeous.
Ferverous's avatar
Beautiful use of contrast!
HAPTK's avatar
This is amazing. I love your art!
ComixThreeSevens's avatar
Another example of someone who can't be original, so he draws boobs.
laurenpaige15's avatar
Art's objective man. One person's junk, may be a masterpiece to another. I think this is a beautiful drawing. The female body is stunning and should be presented in stunning art like this. If you're offended by seeing breasts and a beautiful woman's nude body in art, you're a boring prude who needs to grow up. 
Firvenn's avatar
Riiiight... Looks who's talking - the most original "I-post-game-screenshots-and-terrible-sketches" person. Oh, please, if you're unable to look through Mezamero's gallery and understand that her art is not about boobs at all, then crawl back into the hole you got out of.
NPC-Dion's avatar
WHO are you to even judge the artist's motivation with this?

Your 'opinion' would imply that every piece of art ever that shows these parts of the female body, you're obviously uncomfortable with, is an attempt to 'cash' in on horny people, don't you realize how stunningly  dumb and ignorant this is?

Also you're taking things REALLY out of context and if you cannot tell the difference between artistic nudity and porn, I rly don't know what you're doing here in the first place.
TwiliSky's avatar
have fun in an art class, where there are nude models and nude studies.  It's not porn, not meant to be sexual, and if you focused solely on the boobs instead of the other creative aspects of the image, such as color palette and lighting, then you need to step back.
lovelovegirl's avatar
I know right? over half of our population is SOOO unoriginal. Who has boobs anyway? Pesky women and their conformist anatomy. How about growing tentacles or something unique like a exoskeleton?

Seriously, though, if you think an artist drawing A NATURAL PART OF OVER HALF THE POPULATION'S ANATOMY is unoriginal then boy do I have some news for you.
ComixThreeSevens's avatar
Having breasts is one thing, shoving them into a picture for no other reason than attracting horny teenagers is pathetic.
Vaahlkult's avatar
"I'm gonna rub one out to this emotional painting showing ONE BOOB when there's thousands of actually sexualized images on deviantart I could be jerkin it to that aren't hard to come by at all!"
AndyMichele's avatar
Breasts are a natural part of human anatomy and the representation of one does not automatically equal porn. The assumption everything an artist creates is solely for other people is also inaccurate. o:

Mezamero, you did such a fantastic job on this piece! Your colors, lighting, brush strokes, concept, and construction, it all blows me away, I adore every bit of it. .u. <3
TwiliSky's avatar
the breasts are the thing in this picture that attract the eye the least, and it's not meant to be sexual.  actually, it's just one boob.  a uniboob.  you need to grow up if you think this is meant to be something to wank off to.
Aeli-Chan's avatar
Thank you for saying all that, this person is clearly too hipster even for nature in all it's common forms ~
flozoa's avatar
the way you draw faces and particularly noses is my favorite thing
Kishera's avatar
The expression, the glowing insides, the detailed clothes and birds.. ♥ im in lurv.
Amazingly well done - But I guess you know that :happybounce: 
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Gorgeous. I really love the use of contrasting colours - makes the core really pop!
Fuumaru's avatar
this is really cool.
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