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When dreams will fade
And eyes will shape
When sounds will become walls
When love will die
And worlds collide
I will become eternal

Covenant - Worlds collide.
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Moon boys are the best boys. 🌙
RATTOMBIE's avatar
Oh god is this lovely <3
super awesome work!!
jenniferlopez123416's avatar
he reminds me of birds nest (don't wanna spoil his real name) from coponicus no kokyuu
Ki-0's avatar
I was thinking that too! (That manga is actually amazing X.X) 
XaraWhite's avatar
This is beautiful! 
AlekseyBesruki's avatar
studiosen's avatar
Beautiful! Love this. "Mezamero", is Japanese? I recognize it as a "Wake up". Art is really cool. Great work!
SPACEzoneONE's avatar
Wow this looks awesome
LadyLive's avatar
A young Morpheus anyone? No?.. *Sinks back into The Sandman comics*
MarbleMasky's avatar
Nope! I see it too!
james3's avatar
would love to see this done on youtube speed painting :D
ArtKosh's avatar
usually doing a sun like light, but not this %)
you slice of moon looks so interesting! great!
BLANKSK's avatar
you are such a good artist holy dang
Lunaretic's avatar
Прекрасно! Сохраняю себе =) Спасибо! 
Lestatt32's avatar
I love how this has such a simple beauty.
katakatsumi's avatar
You should draw this boy again. It would be great.
ConflictingShadow's avatar
deideiblueeyez's avatar
He reminds me of "Bird's Nest" from the manga Coponicus no Kokyuu

Succubesje's avatar
I love this drawing. I came across… while looking for male model references and I wanted to use him as a reference and than I thought of your drawing and thought I could never draw something as great bawww
LunazBlackLicorice's avatar
this may be a weird comment xP but im getting a feeling of myself from this because i have a mess of curly hair (ive grown it out but im going to cut it soon) & it has a moon in the back & my name is luna :3
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