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Here is a scene i finished a few days ago... I'm not really pleased with the lightning and the fireplace yet, but it already took me way to long to get to this result. So i will move on to other projects :)
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It has really nice air especially near the desk with the tools and drawings :D but i have to agree, the lighting is right in the whole. There is a colder white light above the desk it's good, you want that when u wanna draw or plan something. But near the (i guess) blacksmith corner, it's not enough blackish-red, it would be by the flames, as i remember when i was at last time at a blacksmith. Maybe if i were you, i'd separated these two sections, because i feel they have different rankings at the level of work. ( i just write these critique parts, because you wrote you are not pleased with it :D )
But apart that, it is a really great and well designed scene!
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:o thank you for that astonishing helpful and comprehensive feedback! Seems like that really would be something i could change, but i will just move on and take the experience from this one to further projects, so that i dont have to worry about fixing all that old stuff.
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Uhm, you're very welcome, i guess.
Yeah,you are right. I understand you, it is sometimes devastating to think about a recent project, with all his faults i should correct :D who the hell has the mood to sit down and start to correct the little things :/ 

Keep up the good work.