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WALL-E [LowPoly] Wallpaper by Mezaka, visual art

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IMPORTANT: I am a little inactive here, so if you want to get in touch send me a note on Twitter:

I love doing 3D arts and always search for new inspiration.

If you want to see how exactly i create my artwork you might want to head over to my Youtube channel. I have a bunch of timelapses, tutorials and live commentaries over there =)…
To stay up to date maybe follow me on Twitter or twitch, so you dont miss any WIPs and smaller projects:
For contacting me use the form on and just write that it is supposed to go to me.

There's no need to thank for a Fav, since were the person who made the inspiring artwork, not me. So you're welcome :)

If you want some feedback or want to know what you might want to improve in your image, just ask for it. I always try to help as much as possible :)

Blender Battles

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Hello there fellow artists! If you are into lowpoly modelling like i am i might have something for you here... i will host a so called blender battle (we will probably change the name soon) on wednesday the 22nd at 21:00 UTC. Whats a blender battle? Well its a modelling challenge. We all hop on a discord, ill pick a theme and after that there is first a 15min research and concept phase and then 1 hour of hardcore modelling (you dont need to use blender - we allow all sort of software)! At the end ill put together a montage for youtube and the best image will win the contest. Its a lot of fun and a good way to increase your speed and effecti
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It's my 1 year deviantart anniversary and i can't make you something, because i need to study for my A-Levels. But life is fun right now! I'll get you something soon. Maybe a cheap postcard from the gas station, or some nearly rotten flowers =D I lov...
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I just published a LowPoly Tree Pack on the Unity-Assetstore. So if you want some nice trees and would like to support me go other there:!/content/57866
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Dude thank you so much for opening my eyes to an entire new world I had no idea existed inBlender. You are a true inspiration thank you.
thats nice of you to say =)
Hope you will succeed creating your own great art as well!
Happy birthday my dear!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconyaayplz::party::iconflyingheartsplz:
Dear Lars,

Wanted to write you for a while now. I really love your work, it's so inspiring and fascinating! When I just started using blender I found your art and it inspired me. (Couple of months later) Today I work on a project making low poly scenes as internship and without you i wouldn't have found my passion for modeling. Thank you so much for all your tutorials and sharing your artwork. I wish you all the best and hope that one day we could maybe even work together.

Hey Elliot,

thats a really great story... i am not sure if it is the best thing i have heard this week (yesterday somebody told me that he rewatches my livestream while putting his baby to sleep), but it is incredible to hear that you found a passion and with my help and are able to use it for work =) These are the things that make me want to make videos again, but when you get good enough to work with your skill you spend a lot of time there.
Do you have a twitter? I'd love to stay in contact but i am not that active here anymore.
I hope to see more from you soon.

Hey Lars,

I currently don't have à twitter account.I'l send you à Message on YouTube so you wil have my google account. hopefully you will have time to make more awesome videos or share new stuff! I am looking forward to it.