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Windows - A Mac-Rip.

By MeXuT
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Windows is a 32 bit patch to a 16 bit GUI based on a 8 bit operating system, written for a 4 bit processor by a 2 bit company which can not stand 1 bit of competition.

adios :wave:

I would greatly appreciate :+fav:'s for support :love:

edit: added a wide screen version, zip file includes both wide screen and standard versions.
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"An Apple a day keeps your bank account go away"

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macOS, a Windows-Rip.

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This makes Microsoft embarassing. 0/10 points. Never download again.

mac sucks it only works for working it sucks for games to inpossible to play game with and the grpahics are terrible over all macs might not get virsues but window is still the better choice
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And OSX is BSD ripoffs running off a bastardized Mach3 kernel oh and its file system is from the 1980s the whole OS is 98% free open source crap but with the "FREE" and "OPEN" ripped right the fuck out so you can pay waaay more for your mac mini than its worth........and do NOT get me started on how Apple treats ITS competition, the bastards think they own FUCKING ROUNDED CORNERS AND SWIPE-TO-UNLOCK and will sue the hell out of anybody that includes an APPLE in their logo I'm a NIX guy and I dislike redmond as much as anyone but APPLE is even worse
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hahahah. love the rage! :steaming:
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Yes because rage=pity in inbreed BSD land
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I love this description.
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And Macs are FreeBSD Un*x rips
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This is going on my POS PC.
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In the end, they're all rips of something. Mac OS definitely is no better. It started as a rip, and now it owes most of its stability and fame to Unix. And while it may not have been so evident in 2005, saying Apple is "competition friendly" now is a complete laugh.
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And the original Mac OS was a rip off of Xerox, except it ended up sucking so much that Apple had to throw it away and "steal" BSD, slap a crappy GUI on it, call it OSX and sell if for $250, even though BSD Linux can be free. They even use Intel hardware now, the only original thing left at Apple are higher prices for questionable prestige... Sorry, I have to use a Mac at work and it's ... not fun, I find that even Vista is better then OSX...
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although i dont agree with your views, i think how you wrote it was pretty funny. not to mention that windows originally was the bugged version of mac.
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thanx for your comment and fav+ :w00t:
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This is a perfect wallpaper for my Win7 OS Leopard
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Windows and MacOS was ripped from Xerox. :D
i have an icon pack released similar to his print.

have both logos in your icons :mwahaha:

CHECK IT HERE : [link]
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