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My Little Avengers: Harmony War

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Boi did this take a while
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Grogar: I am inevitable

Discord: And Friendship.... is..... Magic.

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Rarity: And I.... Am... Iron Mare.

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Can you do this for the new one?
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Mewy101Student Digital Artist
I've actually finished the lineart but can't seem to push myself into continuing it, hopefully one day!
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MRnoodle101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is freaking amazing...
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Thorax as Vision seems so right! But who is that behind him? I want to say Pear Butter but she's not a unicorn.
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Mewy101Student Digital Artist
It's Pumpkin Cake, her twin bro Pound Cake is Quicksilver!
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Fucking epic. I love everything about this, especially the fact that you made the movie characters the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Storm King Thanos. Brilliant.

I know from your previous MLA picture that Twilight is Nick Fury and Fluttershy is Hawkeye and you already mentioned that Tempest is Nebula, but which characters are:

- Loki
- Heimdall
- Wong
- Groot
- Black Panther
- Falcon
- War Machine
- Ant-Man
- The Wasp?
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Mewy101Student Digital Artist
Loki: Trixie
Wong: Sunburst
Falcon: I'm conflicted between putting Scootaloo as him or as Phil Coulson
WM:....Sweetie Belle?
BP: Man, i wish they had more zebra characters....
I've only got those at the moment, feel free to give me some suggestions!
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Haha, Trixie would make a great Loki, and since she's not actually related to Applejack, she fits the role better than Big Mac or Apple Bloom. I had a feeling Sunburst was Wong, nice choice. I'm assuming Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are Falcon and War Machine because their sisters are Cap and Iron Man, right? Makes sense. Phil Coulson hasn't been relevant in the MCU for years, so I'd cast some less important pony as him, tbh. Maybe... Coco Pommel? She's friends with AJ and Rarity, after all.

As for the others:

Heimdall: Big Mac, unless he's already someone else. I probably should have asked whether you'd already picked which characters were Odin, Frigga and Thor's friends. I'd just go the easy way and cast Bright Mac and Pear Butter as the late King and Queen of Asgard, for obvious reasons, and Thor's friends could easily be four of AJ's many cousins. However, I have no idea who should be Hela. I really don't want Big Mac to be Hela.
Groot: A Timberwolf
Black Panther: Thunderlane. Just imagining Rumble as Shuri makes me laugh.
Ant-Man: Uhhh... Soarin?
The Wasp: Spitfire, I guess.

What do you think? Also, which Marvel characters are Celestia, Luna, Star Swirl and Discord?
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Mewy101Student Digital Artist
Oooh i really like Heimdall and Groot! I think Chrysalis would make a good Hela since they have the same attitude and color scheme

Celestia would be The Ancient One, Luna and Discord are probably Ultron and Kaecillius lol
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You're right, Chrysalis is the perfect Hela. I suppose not every Asgardian has to be an Apple. By the way, which character is Apple Bloom?

I like Celestia as the Ancient One. Luna as Ultron is an interesting idea, even though I see very few similarities between them. As for Discord, he's so OP that I think he should be Dormammu or Ego, but this is your AU.

Oh, and I think Tirek would make a great Surtur.
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TeslatheDogStudent General Artist
It’s funny because Thor refers to Rocket as a rabbit several times!
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:iconamcalmaron: dat Spike :0
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AMCAlmaronHobbyist General Artist
Hehe...and now I find myself trying to match characters to characters and figure out which superhero everybody is...=p
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Who's the cat? :O
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AMCAlmaronHobbyist General Artist
Ahh, he was a character from the film.
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Rarity as Tony Stark is a surprisingly good pick though =P
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AMCAlmaronHobbyist General Artist
Agh, I keep mixing up who's who! You're going to need to label this for me. =p
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I shall, when I have internet...
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AMCAlmaronHobbyist General Artist
Thou never did...:(
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Un0rth0d0czHobbyist General Artist
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So tragic... 
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Starlight as dr. Strange is very fitting
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