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EQG Color Guide: 2015-Mar-15



Version 2015 Mar 15

Note: If title and version don't match, ZIP contents haven't changed. Added preview links below.

Depreciated: Live version here

This post will be updated with more characters and costumes as time goes on. On the back burner from EqG1 are the Wondercolts accessories and Fall Formal dresses.
We will also be creating a guide for Rainbow Rocks main characters once we have official HD video. The Dazzlings main outfits will be completed with high priority.
After that, some high profile background characters from both films will be attempted (Trixie, CMC)

ZIP Contents
- 4k x 4k PNGs of each guide
- AI file for each guide (includes swatches) (PDF compatible)
- PDF with each guide on its own page
- Inkscape swatches coming eventually...

- Screenshots were taken from the BluRay disc version of the movie using VLC media player.
- Color samples were taken from 5 different screenshots for each color and mathematically averaged.
- Blacks and whites were rounded to pure black and pure white.  Black in the movie was 2,2,2 and white was 252,252,252.

Preview Vectors for upcoming guides updated 2015 Jan 16
Warning! The colors may change slightly before the initial release. Use with caution
- Applebloom
- Scootaloo
- Sweetiebelle
- Celestia & Luna
- Derpy
- Maud
- The Illusions (Trixie's bandmates)
- Lyra
- Bonbon/Sweetie Drops

- Colors picked by Pirill-Poveniy, masemj, Yanoda, thediscorded, Ambassad0r, mewtwo-EX
- Sprites by Pirill-Poveniy
- Vectors by masemj, mewtwo-EX, Ambassad0r, Yanoda
- Guide template by thediscorded

Change Log
20171212 - Improved the font size of the depreciated text
20140315 - Added the Dazzlings
20141012 - Added SpikeDog and Waifu Stealer (aka Brad [aka Flash Sentry])
20141009 - Added intent for updates with Rainbow Rocks.
20140520 - Added Fluttershy 10 days late
20140305 - Added Pinkie Pie
20140106 - Added Rainbow Dash
20140105 - Initial Release
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the colors need numbers how are you supposed to find the exact color without them