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New Clothes by MewPocky New Clothes :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 1 0 All the treasure by MewPocky All the treasure :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 2 0 Blood and Shadows. by MewPocky Blood and Shadows. :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 2 0 Ceremony by MewPocky Ceremony :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 1 0 Cheshire Shrunk by MewPocky Cheshire Shrunk :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 0 0 Dance, dance by MewPocky Dance, dance :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 1 0 Chiena by MewPocky Chiena :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 0 0 Here Lies Our Fallen Guild Members (Edit) by MewPocky Here Lies Our Fallen Guild Members (Edit) :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 0 3 The Purple Book With Red Writing by MewPocky
Mature content
The Purple Book With Red Writing :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 2 0
Mew Ring Pop by MewPocky Mew Ring Pop :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 0 0
Things I want to say
I met a boy, through a mutual friend, I was shy and awkward, and so was he. At first, I was nervous to speak to him on the phone; would I say something wrong? Then it became comfortable, and I couldn’t wait until the end of the day to talk to him. We went on a date together, I was so nervous, I didn’t eat all day! I got there late and said my excuse was that my mom had to pull over and we had to saw antlers off of a dead deer. (He didn’t run away, hahaha!) My friends laughed at us, because we kept a few feet in between one another, but he tried to close the distance, by scooting closer as we ate pizza, and I tried while we were roller skating; I held his hand. It was awkward, but fun, I smiled, was happy to learn more about him, to see him in person. My mom drove me home, and asked me if I found him attractive. He is taller than me by a few inches, with short dark hair and brown eyes. Most people would find him unattractive because he doesn’t have six pack abs,
:iconmewpocky:MewPocky 1 6
Mew Gumdrop by MewPocky Mew Gumdrop :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 0 7 Mew Cotton Candy by MewPocky Mew Cotton Candy :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 1 0 Mew Pocky by MewPocky Mew Pocky :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 5 1 HERE LIES Our FALLEN GUILD MEMBERS by MewPocky HERE LIES Our FALLEN GUILD MEMBERS :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 0 0 I'll Always Be There for You. by MewPocky I'll Always Be There for You. :iconmewpocky:MewPocky 3 4


Thought of the Day #189
"Self-education is far more important than a formal or mandatory education. For while a formal education to learn the basics is necessary, it can be controlled. But self-education is yours entirely, for with it, you can learn anything and any topic you wish. Ah, yes, did I also mention that the whole world becomes your own personal library?"
:iconterraluna5:terraluna5 2 0
Glowred mine by IamaDragongirl Glowred mine :iconiamadragongirl:IamaDragongirl 1 2 White Deer by sakimichan White Deer :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,542 458 Look Before You, Not Behind by Mommochi Look Before You, Not Behind :iconmommochi:Mommochi 1 1
The Cheerleader and the Lonely Girl
The Cheerleader and the lonely girl,
You know them both very well.
Preppy, dark, loud and mysterious
Both have a story to tell.
You probably will assume,
Before reading this poem,
That the cheerleader is popular,
While the lonely girl is alone.
But what you don’t know,
About this over used story,
Is that the cheerleader is kind,
She doesn’t bask in her glory.
Did you know that she,
At the young age of five,
Was hit by her mother,
Every time she would cry.
Bruises and scars,
Riddled her skin,
Her large eyes would water,
And tears would stain her chin.
But she didn’t give up,
She remained strong and proud,
So that’s why when she cheers,
She excites the crowd.
She is the cheer captain,
The cream of the crop,
But don’t think without effort,
She made it to the top
And then there’s the lonely girl,
Who has a tight family.
Who has a mother and father,
A good form of stability.
But they don’t understand her,
They talk to her still,
But she ignores them
:iconyamiga:Yamiga 24 28
Sailor Neumond by terraluna5 Sailor Neumond :iconterraluna5:terraluna5 9 2
Eridan X Reader - Late Night Visit
...Eridan.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.
"Hi Eridan," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"
The royal-blooded troll stared for a moment, wondering if perhaps this was a cruel prank being played on him by one of the other trolls, mocking his lack of real friends.  He also wondered if perhaps you were here to make fun of him for finally caving in and building a hive on land as he'd been wanting to do for a while.  He spent so much time out of the sea that it only made sense for him to keep a second hive on land.  However, other trolls, particularly low bloods and other sea dwellers, had been giving him a particularly hard
time based on his decision.
The sea dweller (er- land and sea dweller) looked you up and down warily.  "Hey ______..."
A moment of awkward silence passed.  "Uh...Eridan, are you going to let me in?"  The high-blooded troll still hesit
:iconsavannaegoth:SavannaEGoth 504 203
Reach Out to Me: Gamzee x Reader
Gamzee Makara:
That's when someone grabs you and throws you over their shoulder. Their very high up shoulder. You're not even sure how to react to this. How does a person even get this tall?
Once your a safe distance from the bridge, you're placed back on the ground. Towering above you is... A circus act escapee. This tall and lanky boy is a bit weird to say the least. His face is done up with white clown makeup. His dark eyes are hazy and unfocused, you think it's possible he's drugged up. Messy black curls frame his face, and he's slouched over, so you aren't even seeing the whole extent to his height.
His overall look is a bit eccentric, but you do find it kind of cute. There's a lazy smile on his face as he stares off into space. After a minute, he catches sight of you.The smile fades into a frown and he bends down close to your face.
"That didn't strike me as a cool place to be my wicked motherfuckin' sis."
His voice is low and drawling, and it sends a slight shiver up your spine.
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 712 127
at midnight all the agents by 021 at midnight all the agents :icon021:021 841 29 Before It All Went Wrong by KenjisArtDump Before It All Went Wrong :iconkenjisartdump:KenjisArtDump 261 24 Nose Chart Reference by macawnivore Nose Chart Reference :iconmacawnivore:macawnivore 23,306 556
How to love a girl who can't love herself.
    When she cries herself to sleep
    six out of seven nights a week you must
    say nothing. You must simply take
    her in your arms and kiss her gaunt,
    pale cheeks and wait for her to
    slumber at the sound of your heart.
    On the days where she wishes she
    were part of the stars, tell her
    no. Tell her that there are too many
    lights in the sky and that just one
    would be forgotten the moment you looked
    away from it. Tell her that she is perfect
    the way she is: completely human.
     Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 4,643 1,321
Happiness is a word that can't be defined.
It can't found, created or mined.
It's not like a trophy that you sit on a shelf.
It's simply something you achieve in yourself.
It's given to those who truly deserve.
Those willing to listen or willing to serve.
To people who struggle more than the norm.
To people who curse the day they were born.
It's given to those who kept up the fight.
Who didn't give up the search for the light.
Who didn't give in to the rusty old knife.
It's given to those who only know strife.
Many deserve it, many indeed.
Many deserve to finally be freed.
But I'm not one of them, oh no I am not.
I know there's a reason but I sadly forgot.
I've tried to win the gift of hope.
Tried to avoid the gun and the rope.
Tried to avoid the pills and the knife.
But I am not strong enough for this life.
I will never win happiness; I don't belong.
Happiness is only for those who are strong.
So I'll continue to cut, and suffer, and cry.
I continue to whisper the simple word, "Why?"
:iconxxwitherxx:xXWitherXx 9 13
Mlp by DAV-19 Mlp :icondav-19:DAV-19 6,119 133 Warlock Demon Gal by EUDETENIS Warlock Demon Gal :iconeudetenis:EUDETENIS 1,947 42



United States
Hi! I love the color black and will dye my hair any color under the sun except yellows/ blonds. Yep.... I'm not a very interesting person. Am I?

Current Residence: The milky-way galaxy
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Alternative rock ect...
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: Manga and Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Too Many!
Personal Quote: I love to hate you <3


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