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She's Mine: Iceland's ending
It honestly didn't really get to you after a while. When you thought about it, you realized that it was a family who seemed way too goofy to be serious like that so why would it be such a big deal? Maybe because of the sudden change? Everyday, they get back to normal very slowly and it didn't seem like a problem to you except that one person, Emil. Emil ended up being isolated more than ever and it felt wrong. He would just go straight to his room anytime he came back from somewhere and it's more usual for him to say hi then go to the living room for a bit. 
One day, as you were doing laundry, you decided to just go into his room and give him his clothes instead of telling him to go get it himself. He didn't hear you open the door since he was busy watching gaming videos and you could hear Markiplier faintly screaming through his headphones. Not saying a word, you set the clothes on his unmade bed, but he felt your presence right before you went out the door. "___?" He questioned
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She's Mine (Finland's ending)
A couple weeks have actually passed and it seemed like everybody forgot about it, but you knew that they didn't. Matthias goes to the bar more often, Emil stays in his room more than ever, Lukas goes to Arthur's place at lot, Berwald stays in the basement to make more furniture, and the only one who seemed normal was Tino. Then again Tino actually has this weird ability to act like everything is fine and be really giddy. It was weird how he does it considering he's a pro.
When you were getting ready today you put on a decent outfit, but there was something missing in it so that it would be complete... Maybe an accessory? As you digged and digged in your room, you finally found a hat that seemed to match and to your surprise that it was a hat exactly like Tino's. Once you put it on, a soft smile plastered onto your face as you looked at yourself in the mirror. Before you stepped out of your room you stretched your arms and let out a slight yawn when you did. 
When you went downstai
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She's Mine (Sweden's ending)
Now before you start reading, just remember that you got a new bed from Sweden in the story. 
After everything settled down, you looked at your phone's clock and it said that it was exactly 3AM. A yawn left your mouth as you plugged your phone that was basically screaming "CHARGE ME!" into the charger and got comfortable in your bed. You kept moving in your bed like a fish out of the water since you didn't move your new one into your room yet and it was getting to you until you found just the right spot. Your eyes drifted closed and you started to dream. It was all calm in it until you heard something crashed and it sounded just like what happened tonight. Your eyes ripped open quietly and your eye shifted around your room. Nothing. 
You felt uneasy about going back to sleep so you decided to walk around the house and get something to drink to get it out of your mind. As you were doing so, you didn't feel any better after the water so you decided to just lay down in on
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She's Mine (Norway's Ending)
The next day you woke up to complete silence, no Matthias telling to you to wake up or anything, not even the TV was heard. You decided to open your door to peek and see what was happening, but no one was there. I wonder what happened...Was the thought that never left you as you walked through the house.
Emptiness was all over, maybe just maybe they had to go to a world meeting, but when that happens Peter is usually home with you. You felt yourself getting more and more nervous as you opened the last bedroom door, Lukas's. As you expected, no one, it was empty, but you heard someone calling your name. You walkover to the other side of the room and looked out the window and saw Lukas standing there with his dull indigo eyes, but he was hold a bouquet of a variety of flowers. "Lukas?" you asked peeking your head out of the opened window.
"Hey, ____, can you come outside. I want to talk to you." He replied to you motioning you to come down stairs.
You listened to his command and w
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Gakuen!Russia x Reader: The Club-Part 1
Great, another bad grade... 
You looked down at your progress report and saw that you were failing another class. This was the fourth one and you felt even worse than usual from that as if there was more weight on your shoulders. Was there a way to get out of this? Maybe. Will you be willing do it? No isn't an option anymore. There has to be at least one way other than summer school to get yourself out of this. 
You tossed the report in the bin and walked over to the dean's office. It was after school hours, she should be there hopefully. You walked into the secretary's office to see if she was there. She wasn't, but the you made an appointment to see her tomorrow. When you walked out of the office you saw him. The giant who everybody was practically scared of. Ivan Braginsky, the oddly charming "bully".
Who was his victim this time? Toris. One of the guys at the school who had a huge height gap between Ivan.  It was sickening to see Ivan doing that stuff, he did
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Kylo Ren by mewmewcupake Kylo Ren :iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 3 1
Ghost!England x Reader: Echoes
Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. 

You heard it again and this was the fourth time this week. Your eyes flicked open and looked around your room--nothing. You actually wanted to find out what it was now so you got out of bed and walked around the room. Still nothing.Shaking your head, you went back to lay down and go to sleep. Tomorrow was the day you were going to clean out the attic, remember? It's going to be tiring so you must get some shut eye. You ignored the thumps and fell asleep.
In the morning you got out of bed and made breakfast. It was pretty typical of you to make eggs with something and that's what you did. Once you finished, You rinsed your plate and placed it in the sink. You'll get to it later. You walked back to your room and changed into high-waisted shorts and an old shirt to start your cleaning adventure. Right after you tied your hair into a ponytail, you marched up to the attic. 
It was completely dusty and you started to gag once you walk
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France x Reader x Canada: Magnifique
Today was an ordinary day. You were having your typical lunch with Francis, however he brought Matthew along this time. Matthew wasn't bad or anything, he seems a bit antisocial though since no one recognizes him time to time. Honestly, you felt sorry for him because of that, yet you hardly ever talk to the poor guy. "Bonjour, ____, you came here earlier today than usual." Francis greeted in his cheerful, mocking tone which was coated with his thick French accent. 
"Oh hi Francis. I got up early today so I decided to come here on time," You smiled to the long haired man that had a stubble on his chin. 
You were usually late by five or ten minutes because you loved to stay up at night and sleep in when it's daytime. "I brought Matthew along today as well!" he chipped up slightly while pointing at the man with slightly shorter hair and a pair of round framed glasses. 
You nodded gently and ushered them to sit down at the table that you got which was by the window. They bot
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This just happened on Quotev. by mewmewcupake This just happened on Quotev. :iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 40 11 SaTW-The Hat by mewmewcupake SaTW-The Hat :iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 0 0 Handwriting Meme by mewmewcupake Handwriting Meme :iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 0 0 Modern! Neddy by mewmewcupake Modern! Neddy :iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 2 5
Hetalia reader insert help.
Kisses: Alfred's kisses purely heroic. They are powerful and energetic, yet he likes to kiss on the cheek the most.
In the bed: Although he is confident, he gets very nervous and shy when it comes to being in the bedroom. He does know what to do, but he's scared that he'll mess up.
Type of girl needed: The all mighty America is going to need a girl who is used to a loud environment and a bit geeky. He is not a big fan of snobby girls who always cake their face with makeup since he prefers a natural look. Makeup is good for special occasions though. He wants his woman to be a tad tomboyish.
Prefered date: At home since there is many things to do at home like video games, prank calling, etc.
Kisses: He is very gentle like the gentleman he is, but he can be passionate when he lady wants it. He like to kiss on the nose the most.
In the bed:
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Sweden x Housekeeper! Reader: The Annoyance
Although she was a maid, Berwald actually treated her as a lover instead. He was kind to the woman and never disrespected her. Today, however, he was irritated by the loud Dane who was visiting. Matthias wasn't that bad in your eyes; he was an attention whore though.
"Mister Berwald, do you need anything?" You looked up from cleaning the kitchen counter.
"No.." He sighed with his thick accent.
It was his normal answer, but the tone in his voice was making you worry. You quietly shook it off and continued cleaning the beer-soaked counter. His large, stocky figure was still. The only movement was his torso going up and down while he inhales and exhales. His gaze was toward the water bottle in front of him and his eyebrows furrowed while his did his usual intense stare.
That solid look he had never scared you even when you first met. Sometimes you even had the same look, and you knew it. Although his face was scary, he never intended to harm anyone in particular, but almost everyone thoug
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Disney eye practice by mewmewcupake Disney eye practice :iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 0 0 Phil Lester WIP by mewmewcupake Phil Lester WIP :iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 2 0


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Hi everyone, and welcome to my page! ^^

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I mainly write reader inserts so enjoy my writing. :b

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