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Kid Icarus Uprising Fighter and Phoenix

Credit goes to Nintendo
My Mii Mew Mew as fighter with Phoenix Arm weapon.
She is a female. Around her is her power ups.
i thought it would be fancy if i gave her a cape :3
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even thought the phoenix is hard as heck to beat and annoying to beat this drawing is awesome *thumbs up* :D
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It's been a while since I've last played this game. But, oh man, I really had A LOT of fun with it! Especially when lady Palutena teases Pit!XD So hilarious! Anyway, love this artwork! Amazing coloring and shading! You truly have improved, my friend!(;
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aaaw. thank u.
really? u can c the shading?
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Hee-hee! There are different kinds of shading, my friend!(; And you're welcome!^^
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Epic. BTW I think saw you in light vs dark. You're name is MewMew in that, right?
MewMew55's avatar
yep thatz me :3
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I'm IcrsNnja! Remember me?
MewMew55's avatar
i never seen u before. sorry about that DX
IcarusNinja's avatar
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This is sooooooooo awesome like oh ma goshers!!!! you inspired to do this c: but i suck at humans D: maybe we can play this sunday. I havent registered you yet cus i dont have my own wifi :c
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if pit wasn't such a jerk in brawl... I might have bought this game.

but I downloaded DIllion's rolling western instead.

and i love it
MewMew55's avatar
u should get the game. online battling is fun :3
Scratts's avatar
eh, im saving up for the Dillon sequel
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