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Stormstar Reference by MewloverAdopts Stormstar Reference by MewloverAdopts
Name: Stormstar
Former Names: Stormkit, Stormpaw, Stormpelt
Clan: StormClan
Gender: Tom
Rank: Leader
Mentor: N/A
Apprentice(s): N/A
Appearance: Large, long furred tom with a silver-blue tabby coat, a fluffy chest/neck of fur, and hazel eyes
Scars: None

Stormstar is a kind hearted, warm, and devoted cat. He is very welcoming and open, willing to look past the flaws of any cat he meets. Many consider him weak, for his willingness for forgive and accept others. But he has learned from his past that one cannot lead a clan well with hate in their hearts and prejudice in their minds. He is passionate and loyal, willing to lay down all nine of his lives to protect his clan. He would never turn his back on a cat in need, and he has a serious weak spot when it comes to kits. He's a romantic at heart, and can fall in love fairly easily. Which has made him quite prone to heartbreak. He's an extremely spiritual cat, and believes in every sign that StarClan sends to him. Although he is quick to fall in love, he is actually quite terrified of finding a life-long mate. Seeing what his father went through has caused him to fear the words "love" and "forever". He doesn't believe that it could ever happen, and would much rather devote his time and life to his clan and building it with his clan mates. It would take a lot for him to decide to chose a mate.

Stormstar was born to two forbidden lovers. A ShadowClan tom and a RiverClan she-cat. Both were young, passionate, and devoted cats that wanted nothing more than to rise in rank in their respective clans. Their shared ambition brought them closer, though they knew their relationship would never last, and that they would soon cut it off. That is, until Pebblestripe became pregnant. The young warrior had been picked to be a mentor to one of the newest apprentices, which would be her very first apprentice. However, she was forced to move to the Nursery because of her kits. Pebblestripe was furious. At herself, at Frogleap, and at her unborn kits. She had three kits, whom she took directly to Frogleap, demanding he take the kits so they don't get in the way anymore. Frogleap was shocked at her selfish and hateful actions, and hurriedly took the weak kits to his camp. A queen offered to nurse them and the Medicine Cat tried to help the best he could, but two of the kits died because of their weak state and long trip they took after only being moments old. The sole survivor was Stormkit.

Stormkit was raised by his loving father and aunt, who cared deeply for him and wanted the very best for him. Frogleap gave up his ambitions to be the leader, and devoted his time to his only surviving kit. He had a happy life as a kit, devoted to ShadowClan and as excited as any kit to become a warrior. He was an energetic apprentice as well, waned to be the best and prove himself as a loyal ShadowClan cat. He was always bubbly and kind, and expected the same from every cat he met. That was until he went to his first gathering and met his mother. His father didn't keep his past a secret, so when he ran into the RiverClan she-cat he was ecstatic to finally meet her. But she snapped at him, telling him he was no son of her's, just another filthy ShadowClan cat. He was devastated. Frogleap tried to comfort him, explaining she had no interest in any of them anymore, and had barely reacted when he told her about to death of his sisters. Stormpaw decided at that moment that he would never be like her. To any cat.

He was awarded the name Stormpelt once he finished his training, a name he wore with pride. He devoted himself to helping his clan, hunting and patrolling any chance he got. Many expected him to become the next deputy. That was until Lizardstar took his place as leader. He had always been a questionable cat, but when he had the power of a leader, he began to preach about 'purity' of ShadowClan and how it had been 'tainted' by kittypet and loner blood, as well as blood from other clans. Many cats didn't think much of this, until cats with 'tainted' blood began to vanish and show up dead on ShadowClan territory. Frogleap urged his son to leave, and find a new place to live, where he would be safe from Lizardstar. Stormpelt reluctantly agreed and fled ShadowClan.

He traveled for many moons, finding cats along the way that agreed to join him on his quest. He wasn't sure where he was going, but he knew that StarClan was guiding his paws. After several moons of traveling, he found a new home for himself and his friends. They settled into their new territory and built their own clan, which they decided to name after him. StarClan chose to give him nine lives, believing he was meant to be there and rule over this new clan. Stormstar was humbled by this, but he swore to devote each of his lives to his new clan.

Sexuality: Straight
Mate: N/A
Former Mate(s): N/A
Crush: N/A
Former Crush(s): N/A

Frogleap - Father - He has always been extremely close to his father, having been raised by him since he was a kit. He misses him dearly
Pebblestripe - Mother - He doesn't know his mother very well, as she abandoned him and refused to speak with him at gathers. He desperately wants to know her better.
Willowshade - Aunt - Frogleap's littermate and a devoted aunt to Stormstar. She helped her brother raise him and instilled many values into the young tom.
Featherkit and Sootkit - Littermates - He doesn't remember his sisters very well at all, but he wishes they could have grown up with him.

Coal - He became Stormstar's best friend during his journey, and remains his must trusted advisor and his reliable deputy
Juniper - She has become a good friend to Stormstar and he often goes to her and Coal for advice

Lizardstar - former leader - Stormstar has a deep, burning desire to return to ShadowClan and remove Lizardstar from his position. Though he knows that he can't, and must focus his efforts on helping his clan prosper.



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