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Meeting Coal and Juniper by MewloverAdopts Meeting Coal and Juniper by MewloverAdopts
Stormpelt had traveled for a long time. He wasn't sure where he was going, but he knew his paws were leading him somewhere. Only StarClan knew where that somewhere was. The rumbling in his stomach broke him from his almost entranced walking, and he paused to hunt for some prey. Parting his jaws, he picked up the trace of a nearby mouse. He swiftly dropped into a hunters crouch and crept toward the scent. He spotted it among the roots of a tree, scuffing at the ground. Stormpelt paused before leaping forward, but rather than landing on the mouse, he collided with a blur of gray. The weight knocked him down to the ground with a thud. "Oh man I'm so sorry!" Stormpelt scrambled to his paws at the voice, coming face to face with a smoky black tom. "It's alright," Stormpelt replied, inclining his head. The tom eyed him, "I don't normally see other cats around here. Most know this is my little territory." Stormpelt's eyes widened. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't realize.. I've never been around here before." The tom gave a kind smile, "Don't worry, I'm not like those nearby clan cats who fight anyone that crosses their borders," he mussed. Stormpelt flattened his ears, "They only do that for their protection," he said calmly. The tom shrugged, "I'm Coal, by the way." "I'm Stormpelt." Coal cocked his head slightly, "That's an odd name." Stormpelt scoffed, "Not in the clans it isn't." Coal's eyes widened, "Oh- My goodness you're a clan cat! I'm sorry!" Stormpelt laughed, "It's quite alright. Besides, I'm not in my clan anymore." "Why did you leave?" Coal asked, tilting his head. "Long story," Stormpelt laughed softly. Coal studied him for a moment, "Well, at least hunt with me and come back and rest in my camp for a little while." he suggested. Stormpelt smiled and nodded. The two hunted together, catching a fair amount of prey, before Coal led him into a clearing. There was a young black she-cat with a fluffy white tail and white chin waiting for them. "Oh! Dad there you are! Who is this with you?" "Juniper, this is Stormpelt. Stormpelt, this is my daughter, Juniper." "Hello," Stormpelt greeted. Juniper smiled and inclined her head. The three shared prey together, making small talk and getting to know one another. "So, where are you heading, Stormpelt?" Coal asked. Stormpelt gazed off into the treeline, tail tip twitching. "I'm not sure exactly. But I know that StarClan is guiding me somewhere. I don't know why or where, but I trust in them." Juniper and Coal exchanged a glance before Coal gave a kind smile, "Why don't we join you? So you have some company." Stormpelt instantly perked up, "That would be wonderful!"

And here we go, two more kitties joining Stormpelt on his adventure! Coal and Juniper :D (Big Grin) 

Characters belong to me
Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter
Base: Here belongs to :iconsabraetrash:
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February 4
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