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Sorry! Due to personal life and circumstances:

:eager: I am NOT open to requests/trades/etc. :eager:

I would like to kindly ask that you do not ask me what/when I will draw something, thank you very much for understanding!

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Nice to meet you all!

Outside of Devi, I am a tangerine trying to pursue a career with her Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree. I am also the creator/voice-provider of UTAU Tsux Namine and the PANloids.

Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Please, enjoy the art~!

I try to be as friendly as I can with everyone, so I shouldn't bite.

Interesting conversations and comments are welcome!

Dot Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! Don't go bashing heads, yes?

I have my own opinions, and can respect that of others, so long as we are not trying to harm one another with them.

Debating and constructive criticism is totally cool, but I don't tolerate comments intended to belittle or attack specific people.

We're not here to hurt others.

If you can't say it politely, then please try something else.

Dark green bullet I do not care about what you ship/don't ship.

Homo, Hetero, or "Just Be Friends" -- we can all live along just fine.

My works depicting relationships are open to interpretation, but not for the policing of personal preferences. Please use common sense.

Dark blue bullet Please, please, please do not force me to do things.

Due to personal circumstances, I am unfortunately not open to random requests. It just won't look or feel good if I'm not 100% into it. Again, thank you for understanding!

Favourite Games
Super Smash Bros. Series, Pokemon, DDR, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda
Favourite Gaming Platform
Err'thang Nintendurr, and some P'yes too
Tools of the Trade
A simple ball point pen, a tomorange, and imaginative motivation
Other Interests
Nintendo, Smash Bros., VOCALOID, UTAU, Touhou, Gaiaonline, Mabinogi, Maplestory

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If you don't like requests, can you do commissions?

I'm not open to commissions either, due to my actual job and other life-related things. It's also something I've never really done before, as I'm not sure it's something I am ready to manage. Sorry for any inconveniences, but I hope it's understandable. ^^;

Hi, it has been a while how are you? Just wanna say I hope things are going smooth for you.:)

Oh hello again! It's been my usual thanks to having a full-time job, so other than that not much has been going on that's been huge. I hope things are going well for you too. :nod:

Any advice for someone looking to make an UTAUloid?

Well, I would find a recording style that works most comfortably with you. And of course you would need a microphone to record nice-quality samples, and a recording program (a lot of people use either Audacity or Oremo, but I personally only know Audacity which is considered the "older way" of doing things).

There are different methods which with to make an UTAU voicebank, and I wish I had a good go-to tutorial on how to put on together.

With a quick search there are some newer tutorials, some of which go in a lot of depth like this one ( depending on how much you want to check out.

I honestly would consider either a CV or CVVC if the other recording methods seem a bit complex to start with, and I think any UTAU will sing wonderfully if you know how to work with them. And I'm not very familiar with VCCV or Arpasing that may be mentioned in the videos.

I'm very sorry if this comes off very vague. It may sound really intimidating at first, but once you get everything together it's a little more straightforward, but if you have any specific questions I could help to clarify what I can.

How about voicing an UTAUloid? What do I say?