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A Couple of Dumbbells by MewKwota A Couple of Dumbbells :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 94 35 MewKwota's Stremps 9 by MewKwota MewKwota's Stremps 9 :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 42 40 Tsux Namine- Official Art (2019) by MewKwota Tsux Namine- Official Art (2019) :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 139 25
MewKwota's FanPiction: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
MewKwota's FanPiction: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (IN PROGRESS)
NOTE: The following are just personal headcanons based upon MewKwota's imagination. Not every word should be taken as some guideline to canon, as they are clearly subjective. The headcanons of others' are acknowledged and also respected, as long as opinions and ideas are not forced on.
The following fanpictions are also subject to change.

FIGHTERS are the main participants of the Smash Program. They live in a large residence known as the Smash Mansion that requires exclusive means to visit or enter. Residents of the Smash Mansion include any Smash Fighter, as well as their Alternatives and Echo Fighters.
Akira Kurusu- (Age: 17) A seemingly average schoolkid who actually goes by many names. Akira (or Ren, or Joker, or John) uses a soft, innocent persona to mask a more delinquent side. Occasionally, this part of him slips out in cleverly-formed exchanges, which catches many off guard. Akira's t
:iconmewkwota:MewKwota 27 18
Artery Cover- Yume Saine and Tsux Namine by MewKwota Artery Cover- Yume Saine and Tsux Namine :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 44 18 You're In For a Treat by MewKwota You're In For a Treat :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 122 60 The Silencer by MewKwota The Silencer :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 168 57 MewKwota's Doodle-Daas 11 by MewKwota MewKwota's Doodle-Daas 11 :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 70 42 Looking Forward to You, Too by MewKwota Looking Forward to You, Too :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 147 61 How The Turns Have Tabled by MewKwota How The Turns Have Tabled :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 96 60 The Message by MewKwota The Message :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 112 32 The Twist by MewKwota The Twist :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 89 23 The Trusted by MewKwota The Trusted :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 92 11 Tri Attack by MewKwota Tri Attack :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 139 62 Forget the Bat by MewKwota Forget the Bat :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 107 53 The Devoted by MewKwota The Devoted :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 124 55
My art is drawn by-hand, with a ballpoint pen! :dummy:
They're just labeled "Digital" because I color on Photoshop!

My gallery is mainly composed of Nintendo, with a huge focus on Smash Bros. The other half is most likely UTAU.

What's polyvalency?
While I have my intentions as the artist, I try to keep some aspects of my art open to interpretation as possible. So there shouldn't be much fuss as to which view is okay or not.

Don't like? X-out!!
Hey, I'm not forcing you to look at my stuff.
It won't hurt my feelings if you don't.

Which means:
No Reposting, Tracing, Claiming, Altering, etc.

Well, at least ask me first? I reply fairly quickly!
I'd just like to know what you're using it for.

It's best to ask on that picture you're wondering about.
It'll easier for me to keep as proof and record, as opposed to Notes.


Castlevania Juste Belmont Sketch by junkisakuraba Castlevania Juste Belmont Sketch :iconjunkisakuraba:junkisakuraba 151 11 Castlevania Simon Belmont Sketch by junkisakuraba Castlevania Simon Belmont Sketch :iconjunkisakuraba:junkisakuraba 99 8 AceGreenLegend, From Atlantic to Pacific by AceGreenLegend AceGreenLegend, From Atlantic to Pacific :iconacegreenlegend:AceGreenLegend 5 0 AceGreenLegend Christmas 2018 by AceGreenLegend AceGreenLegend Christmas 2018 :iconacegreenlegend:AceGreenLegend 4 0 Tsux Namine by KiyaSiya72 Tsux Namine :iconkiyasiya72:KiyaSiya72 2 1 MewKwota's College Graduation! by AceGreenLegend MewKwota's College Graduation! :iconacegreenlegend:AceGreenLegend 3 2 Cody says Merry Xmas! by BradleytheCoder56 Cody says Merry Xmas! :iconbradleythecoder56:BradleytheCoder56 3 0 Secret Four by kimchikat Secret Four :iconkimchikat:kimchikat 305 13 Azelf as Tsux [Gift] by animegirl5303 Azelf as Tsux [Gift] :iconanimegirl5303:animegirl5303 8 2 [G] For Campanella feat. Tsux??? by PotatoKoko [G] For Campanella feat. Tsux??? :iconpotatokoko:PotatoKoko 123 20 Happy Birthday Mewkwota by Willy276 Happy Birthday Mewkwota :iconwilly276:Willy276 6 0 MewKwota birthday gift by Justblaze03 MewKwota birthday gift :iconjustblaze03:Justblaze03 3 0 Uta by Prixelpop Uta :iconprixelpop:Prixelpop 18 9 Tsux and Mew's Birthdays - 2018 by falconvillager Tsux and Mew's Birthdays - 2018 :iconfalconvillager:falconvillager 10 4 MewKwota's Birthday 2018 by AceGreenLegend MewKwota's Birthday 2018 :iconacegreenlegend:AceGreenLegend 11 1 Lightning of the Storm - Month of MewKwota, Week 3 by AceGreenLegend Lightning of the Storm - Month of MewKwota, Week 3 :iconacegreenlegend:AceGreenLegend 2 1
Stream's done, bleh. Sorry I had to go eat, but at least we got a decent 2 hours in.
Thank you very much to everyone to swung by and dropped suggestions, there was surprisingly a ton of people than I expected. And I apologize to anyone who didn't get their suggestions done in time, and thank you for understanding my time constraints. There will always be more Streams to try for in the future.

That said, the doodles will be up shortly after I eat, I think.

The Doodle-Suggestion Stream is up and ready! Please feel free to drop in even for a moment, and have fun. :meow:
Also please remember to follow the Rules before making a suggestion, thank you~!
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MewKwota's Profile Picture
Just Call Me Eldin
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
:bulletred: Nice to meet you all!
Outside of Devi, I am a tangerine trying to pursue a career with her Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree.
I am also the creator/voice-provider of UTAU Tsux Namine and the PANloids.

:bulletorange: Please, enjoy the art~!
I try to be as friendly as I can with everyone, so I shouldn't bite.
Interesting conversations and comments are welcome!

:bulletyellow: Don't go bashing heads, yes?
I have my own opinions, and can respect that of others, so long as we are not trying to harm one another with them.
Debating and constructive criticism is totally cool, but I don't tolerate comments intended to belittle or attack specific people.

We're not here to hurt others.
If you can't say it politely, then please try something else.

:bulletgreen: I do not care about what you ship/don't ship.
Homo, Hetero, or "Just Be Friends" -- we can all live along just fine.
My works depicting relationships are open to interpretation, but not for the policing of personal preferences.

:bulletblue: Please, please, please do not force me to do things.
Due to personal circumstances, I am unfortunately not open to random requests.
It just won't look or feel good if I'm not 100% into it. Thank you for understanding!

Related Peoples:
:iconmarykosmosver2: (Sister)
:iconoombala: (Cousin)
:iconmiraiikino: (Cousin)

RL Bubbies:

Mabinogi: Tsuxii (Tarlach)


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hansungkee Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Welcome to Year 2019 and 30th anniversary of Captain N the Game Master has Coming!
MLPMariolover Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas! :3
MewKwota Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much, Merry X-mas to you, too~! :huggle:
MLPMariolover Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018
You're welcome! :3
erikatheraindeer Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2018
Merry Christmas!
MewKwota Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, why thank you! A very Merry X-Mas to you, too!
erikatheraindeer Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2018
A bit saddened that you don't have something up for the holidays though. 
MewKwota Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Well, I can't say I've had the strongest motivations to draw anything too great lately, a lot has been going on for me so my focus isn't so keen.
Sorry if that disappoints you any, I would have made something real fancy otherwise.
VideoGameRyu Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018
Hello, Mew. It's me again. How are you today?

You know, I've been having dreams about the two Robot Masters from the Megaman series, Shadowman and Topman. In those dreams, the two were going on an adventure together or on vacation with their fellow brothers. They have also been through humorous experiences and family problems, especially Crashman. These kind of scenarios in my dream are what I call "The adventures of Shadowman and Topman".
MewKwota Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
That sounds an awful lot like some series of comics another fellow Devi made a long while back.
Not sure if they still make them, but what a funny cowinky-dink. :meow:

Thanks for sharing this with me!
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