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Pikachu Ripoff Conga Line

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Whenever I'm drawing serious things I get these irresistible urges to take breaks and cheer up with something tooth-rotting and this kind of stuff is what results. Maybe I can make it into a journal skin or something??

Yes Marril is very aware that they don't belong with the other Electric types but they get a spot here anyway because of how convinced everyone used to be that Marril was actually 'Pikablu'.

Feel free to use this image for personal use - avatars, blog layouts, printing out for personal stickers/shirts/etc... just don't use it for profit and I should be okay with it! Please credit me when asked and do not repost it on Tumblr or DeviantArt with or without attribution - reblog or favorite my original posts instead.
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RelativeEquinoxHobbyist Writer
That would be an awesome journal skin : o. Wish I could use it. 
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Mewitti Digital Artist
I actually intended it to be a journal header, just never followed through. Feel free to use it, just link back to the original deviation somewhere!
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Except Marill's origins are a little different if I recall correctly, I lol'd at the title either way... Such a cute pic~
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TarriPupProfessional Digital Artist
This has TOTALLY made my day, no, my week!! The colour pallet is just fantastic in this and all of the little poke-rodents are just precious!!
Especially Pachirisu... because, Pachirisu just rocks.
And also according to others if I was a pokemon, I would most likely be a Pachirisu... xD

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RelativeEquinoxHobbyist Writer
Heck yeah, squirrels :D :iconhigh-fiveplz:
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RadioZap777Student Digital Artist
This picture looks great but
I don't think they are "rip offs"
Don't scream at me, too, okay? I've had ENOUGH of "BAWWW (insert pokemon here) IS A PIKACHU RIP OFF1!!!111!!!" (No offense!)
Just because they're another cute mouse pokemon with colored cheeks doesn't mean they're a "pikachu ripoff."
If you do scream at me, I'll just ignore you. Pikachu is not the holy grail of Pokemon.
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Mewitti Digital Artist
I don't harbor any ill will towards these cuties; I love all of them. It was meant as an affectionate joke. ;)

They are totally ripoffs tho
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RadioZap777Student Digital Artist

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Mewitti Digital Artist

I do get what you mean, though. It's frustrating when people gripe and hate on such adorable Pokemon.
RadioZap777's avatar
RadioZap777Student Digital Artist
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lol marril
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I think this is funny and adorable lol. I remember chasing "pikablu" in my old red/blue days XD
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BucketListModHobbyist General Artist

Pichu's a ripoff? I thought it was a pre-evo! :XD:


Regardless, very cute and very silly! :D

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Ah yes, I remember the old "pikablu" days.  Good times.
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Oh wow, I almost forgot about when everyone was calling Marril Pikablu those years ago
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Kanrio2Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't played any games older than 3rd gen, but Emolga still ticked me off when I first saw it.
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NatApocalypseStudent General Artist
So much truth in a single drawing. *joins in anyway*
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FelldohTheSquirrelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! :D
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HawkFrost2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Raichu?! O.O
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shockzekromHobbyist General Artist
 so cute!lol
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newtypeFERNHobbyist General Artist
Cute parade! :iconpikalaplz:
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MaetessaProfessional Artisan Crafter
Ha!  My brother was just talking about this the other day!  He was like, "great, now people are going to have a whole team of 'pikachus'... except you can't because of plusle and minum" (or w/e their names are, I never get them right >.>; )

And yes, marill IS the gen 2 version of pikachu xD  I just figured it was suppose to be an extended joke about the whole pikachu surfing thing....

Also, Pichu might have been designed for the original, gen 1 version of the game, but I can't remember, exactly -- because there were some pokemon ("baby" versions) that were suppose to be included but were left out.

Great work as always, and I love that polkadot background <3
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Mewitti Digital Artist
I didn't know about the planned baby versions! That's interesting. And thanks! I just got my hands on a whole bunch of patterns and decided to try them out. <3
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I think it's adorable <333
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