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Pichu maze

By Mewitti
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A Pichu maze I made a long time ago. I just recently inked it in and scanned it. Can anyone finish it?
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cool maze it took me four minutes to solve this. you really have a talent for maze art. Very Interesting maze art style. I also draw mazes , I got some posted on DeviantArt here is the link to view them amazingmattsmazes.deviantart.c…
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I love mazes and I love Pokemon!! This is a blessing!!
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i got lost in the left ear ^_^
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Yep. I finished it. it was so hard!
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i did it, took me about 2 minutes, maybe 1 1/2
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hwuuuu... it's so hard...
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hehe i have fast eyes
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Let me think abou-no
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wow, how long did that take you to make it 0_o it took me 7 minutes to get through it. VERY good job!
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i cant do it with a non printed version!good idea[link]
(\ /)
( ..)
c('')('') BUNNY!
(does that have anything to do with the pic?)
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that is AMAZING (if you'll excuse the pun)

This is the kind of maze I aspire to drawing. It's brilliant! (took me ages too; it's really hard!)
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Woo, I made it out. I like that you've made the maze paths much smaller in the areas the the character is colored darker (black? dark brown? been a long time since I've played any of the games). Cute drawing, too!
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It's a lot harder than the maze I drew.
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Yay! :boogie: This was fun! I opened it in Photoshop, and was able to finish it =^_^= I like it =D
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It was quit a perplexing maze, but I finished it! Nice work! :)
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I Love Pichu! Hence my name. ^^; Must fav!
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Wow... it's both cute and challanging^^
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KAWAII! That must of taken a LONG time to do! :3
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awwww how cute a pichu maze!!!!!!!^^
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aww!! :aww: hes soo cute!! hm.. im really bad at mazes... but if i ever get the time maybe i could print it and do it.. i could show you the pic of the finished maze too :giggle: haha im funny... actualy im not but.. lol :rofl: great idea/pic!
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