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How to Make Easy Dialogue Bubbles


Several people were asking how I made the text bubbles in Alterity. This is the method I use. I hope it's helpful!
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Brilliant. Thx.
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Thank you SO much for sharing this! Oh my gosh, this solved a problem I've been having. *Brofist*
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I know this is a bit old, but I was just wondering. I'm doing my comic with traditional mediums, and my handwriting isn't the easiest to read. Should I just do the artwork and then do the speech bubbles in PS or should I try to make a space for them?
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Um, it might be best to experiment and see what works best! Personally, I have a HUGE problem with not leaving enough space for my dialogue, so I always write out the dialogue and position it when I'm first starting my storyboarding. If you're worried, maybe you could jot down the dialogue in your own handwriting to make sure it fits, and then redo it in PS later?
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Okay, thanks for replying. This is my first comic I've done with dialogue, so I'm a little nervous, but I'll see what works
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What text do you use though?
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For this tutorial, I used Letter-O-Matic:…
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what is Alterity?
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oh i thought it was an art program XD
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Oh my god, thank you! I've been wondering how to do this for a long time! I have trouble using shapes in Photoshop 0_0
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Photoshop's shape vector tools are REALLY annoying, yeah. They baffled me for ages.
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This is long overdue, but thank you for this tutorial! Helps me so much when I do the dialogues!

Also, your Alterity series is AMAZING. 
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Ah, I'm so glad it helps, and that you're enjoying Alterity!
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thank you for the helpful tutorial :)
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You are welcome!
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Thanks for the making this! It's very helpful :)
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This is excellent, thank you!
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You're welcome! Hope it helps streamline things.
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Hmm, I might be able to use this someday!  :)
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This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. :D
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Hope it helps!
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WAITWAITWAIT NEVERMIND! I think I nailed it. Move along as if nothing happened!
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