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Happy Halloween '13

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Gotta do at least one Halloween doodle! Inspired by a t-shirt I saw at Disneyland. Jack is the master of selfies thanks to his long arms.

Feel free to use this image for personal use - avatars, blog layouts, printing out for personal stickers/shirts/etc... just don't use it for profit and I should be okay with it! Please credit me when asked and do not repost it on Tumblr or DeviantArt with or without attribution - reblog or favorite my original posts instead.
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CinnamedicHobbyist General Artist
Aww, Jack & Sally selfie! >w< That's gonna get a lot of likes on Halloween Town Facebook! XD
Piddies0709's avatar
So cute! :giggle:

Did they finally get smart phones in Halloween-Town?
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Mewitti Digital Artist
I imagine the reception would be terrible.
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Awwwwww, Jack and Salllllllyyyyyyy
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JennRuby279Hobbyist General Artist
wow this is amazing~
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shockzekromHobbyist General Artist
Best. Selfie. EVAR.
I always call Slenderman a bad Jack Skellington, and now I have another reason to say that.
Slendy. Can't. SMILE.
Also, is that a case of them taking that selfie, whouch would then have a phone with a case of them taking a selfie, etc.?
ItsARandomEncounter's avatar
ItsARandomEncounterHobbyist General Artist
Not a fan of selfies, but this is f**in adorable!
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Azreal-BlueHobbyist General Artist
this is adorable x3
YunaAsakura's avatar
YunaAsakuraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Have seen it on tumblr already. XD It is realy pretty. I still can't get over it how smooth the lines are. And Jack looks so deamn well CUTE!!!

I suck so much with SAI ... Hate it to use the linework-layer most of the time to make it easy...
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Mewitti Digital Artist
Ah thanks Yuna! Concerning SAI and smooth lines, have you tried using the 'stabilizer' dropdown? I'm so dumb but I didn't even know what it was until a few weeks ago and it has saved my linework. 
VixVaporRub's avatar
So awesome~

Don't think I've ever seen Jack with a cell phone before xD
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Vertigo-GalProfessional Filmographer
Heh! I just rewatched this movie last night, and since it's been so long since I've seen it last, it made that much more of an impact on me. I recognized all the songs, the scenes, the creepy, the whole movie is a wonderfully-executed musical. I love it so much more now~
Mewitti's avatar
Mewitti Digital Artist
I just watched it last night too!! It really is so well-executed and it simply boggles my mind every time I watch it, knowing the entire thing was done in stopmotion.
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steelrain98Hobbyist General Artist
lol that is awesome xD
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ChaosMonkeyATGHobbyist Digital Artist
If he does selfies I wonder what he tweets about too.
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nekotigerfireHobbyist Traditional Artist
that would be a very cute selfie... though how did halloween town get cell phones.... I suppose they are moving up in the world :P
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WolfpackDragonflyHobbyist Writer
Mewitti, you just made Jack Skellington adorable.  I don't know whether to scold or congratulate you.
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bibiedwardHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooh it's so cute! :meow:
Happy Halloween! :D
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