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Another speedpaint-during-speedruns commemorating the utterly bonkers Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrun at Summer Games Done Quick 2019. Specifically the one glitch where you can shield-surf off a Bokoblin and launch yourself halfway across the continent. I've sunk way too many hours into this game not to do a tribute picture.

Feel free to use this image for personal use - avatars, blog layouts, printing out for personal stickers/shirts/etc... just don't use it for profit and I should be okay with it! Please credit me when asked and do not repost it on other image sites with or without attribution - reblog or favorite my original posts instead.
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Once you give a good think about it, you really kinda feel bad for them red bokoblins

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I did that and flew all the way to Satori Mountain

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That was...interesting.
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Just looking at this
Makes me laugh! >w<
In real!
Shield-surfing Link comin' thru!!!
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this pic is endlessly amusing 
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Nice! Really like your style
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This should warrant at least a minigame in BotW2.
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Sun shines, birds fly, grass grows, and brotha, I hurt people.
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Half of BotW really is just screwing with these guys in the overworld. :)
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Bokoblin is not enjoying himself.
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This artwork just reminded me of that one animated speed-run of Zelda : Breath of The Wind.

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What a speed run still.
The-Albino-Monferno's avatar
 doesn't have a bow you doink
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This is so amazing!
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Oh great, now I 'm thinking of Tigger.
Kikis-Art-Journey's avatar
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How did I not know about this glitch?! That's awesome!
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Half naked man destroys eldritch abomination.
PeriPeriDoritos's avatar
Then he fights Ganon while only wearing his underwear 
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