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Welcome, new readers! Alterity is a comic following the wacky adventures that happened on my Emerald Nuzlocke run. A Nuzlocke is a playthrough of a Pokemon game, with two self-imposed rules to shake things up:

1. You can only catch the first Pokemon seen on a route, and
2. If a Pokemon faints, it 'dies', and must be released or permanently boxed.

You can learn more here:

 If you are on the Nuzlocke forums, you can follow the run there:…

For those who haven't played Emerald, when you go to meet Brendan, he has a Pokeball just sitting in the middle of his room. In-game, you can't pick it up. In-comic, though...

Sinnfinity is helping with flats, writing, and general inspiration. Thank you Sinn!

Enjoy, everyone!

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Robin the human
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I like that Brendans adorably chubby like his dad