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Drawing Process - Rowlet


Piranha - Chapter Fifteen, Part 1


Piranha - Chapter Fifteen, Part 1

PIRANHA Chapter 15:  Besieged, Part 1 Why didn’t you tell me Why didn’t you speak Why di— Did you know?  Did you know? What ... else did you know. Why did you leave Me to wonder                        Wonder To seek, and seek, never to be sure You could have You could have let me I could have helped you I could I could have tried oh, gods why Piranha sat up, breaking through the warm sheet of fresh snow into biting air. He knew.   He would never have told me. Bastard. He got to his feet, absently dusting a little white powder from his black garments.  Air like ice talons clawed down his throat, straining for h
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My Bio

My name is Witticaster and I’m a small feathered rat with an Internet connection and too much on my mind. I’m definitely not a human living in the midwestern United States. I like to code websites and draw things and I will judge you hardcore if you tag me in chain journals.

This is more of a gallery account. If you'd like to see all of my doodles, not just the pretty ones, please visit my website. Thank you so much for visiting!

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Come to my streams and find out
Favourite Books
Hard sci-fi
Favourite Writers
Rayfan <3
Favourite Games
Pokémon, Rayman, Ōkami, Journey, Phoenix Wright, Dance Dance Revolution, Minecraft, Terraria
Favourite Gaming Platform
My PC, followed by whatever Nintendo platform I can afford and/or leech from my friends
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CS4, Paint Tool Sai, Intuos4, buckets of tears
Other Interests
Web development, fiction writing, psychology, origami, fishkeeping, cooking, nutrition (and eating...)
Last Chance For Shirts! Going to phase out the shirts on my store and replace them with more stylized/vector-esque designs. The current ones have great print quality but I want to move in a different stylistic direction. If you want any of the exist

July Commissions!

July Commissions!

EDIT: Commissions are closed until I work through the current queue. THANK YOU so much to everyone who ordered, this response was beyond what I ever hoped for! This time I am offering a brand new “sketch” tier for those on a budget or who want to get something quick and cute to cheer up a friend. The price will almost certainly go up later, so if you want to pick up a bunch of cheap pictures, this is your opportunity. Please comment or note me if you have any questions! On non-commission notes, I am pretty frustrated that I've gone from "unable to do hobby drawing because wiped out from web dev" to "unable to do hobby drawing because my body betrayed me." But right now, drawing is FAR easier on my wrist (and brain) than typing, so I'll keep up the art work for now and hopefully, with care, I'll be able to get back to that magical realm where I can make cool content for you all AND pay the bills. Thank you to everyone who likes, shares, comments on, and otherwise supports my draws
The laptop fix was easier than I thought! I completely forgot in my 2 AM panic that you can just... run laptops without a battery as long as you keep them plugged in. So I was able to get it out safely and now I'm back in business, albeit tethered to...

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Hope you have a great Easter weekend despite what is currently going on. Have a fun, safe and delicious day.Miki's egg Ran's egg 
With what's going on in the world thought that this little vid I found might give some happy thoughts.

Stay safe and have a good one.

Mewitti Digital Artist
That is super adorable, thank you so much. I'm glad it's finally spring so the landscape is becoming alive and lovely again. I hope you're doing ok.
Rayfan Writer
Thanks for the fave :)  Nice to get one from a real person haha
Merry Christmas to you and all your Family. As well as a Happy New Year.
Mewitti Digital Artist
Thank you. I hope your new year brings lots of happiness :)
....the happiest of (late) birthdays to you....may this year be a joyful and prosperous one!...X3