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Piranha - Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 by Rayfan, literature

Piranha - Chapter Fourteen, Part 5b by Rayfan, literature

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My Bio

My name is Witticaster and I’m a small feathered rat with an Internet connection and too much on my mind. I’m definitely not a human living in the midwestern United States. I like to code websites and draw things and I will judge you hardcore if you tag me in chain journals.

This is more of a gallery account. If you'd like to see all of my doodles, not just the pretty ones, please visit my website. Thank you so much for visiting!

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Come to my streams and find out
Favourite Books
Hard sci-fi
Favourite Writers
Rayfan <3
Favourite Games
Pokémon, Rayman, Ōkami, Journey, Phoenix Wright, Dance Dance Revolution, Minecraft, Terraria
Favourite Gaming Platform
My PC, followed by whatever Nintendo platform I can afford and/or leech from my friends
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CS4, Paint Tool Sai, Intuos4, buckets of tears
Other Interests
Web development, fiction writing, psychology, origami, fishkeeping, cooking, nutrition (and eating...)
The laptop fix was easier than I thought! I completely forgot in my 2 AM panic that you can just... run laptops without a battery as long as you keep them plugged in. So I was able to get it out safely and now I'm back in business, albeit tethered to...
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Streams are postponed indefinitely - just learned my laptop has a swollen laptop battery (fire and explosion hazard) and until I can fix that, I'm stuck on my old, slow laptop. Don't know how long it will take to get my current laptop fixed consideri...
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I want to start streaming more regularly! Assuming non-corona schedule, what streaming times would work best for you? Vote on my Twitter poll or just leave a comment (don’t forget to mention time zone - I am MDT).Time zone converter here: https://www...
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Would love to see you do the favorite Pokemon meme. ♥️

Favorite Pokemon Meme

Your pokemon art is perfection.

Hello, I read your Nuzlocke Comic, I love your art style and the story, I can’t wait to read more, hoping the project isn’t abandoned! I understand you’re sick, get some rest and hope you're okay :)

Thank you for the assurance. I really liked your nuzlocke comic with how you gave the characters a level of distinguishable personality. You even made a Dustox adorable. Hope you can complete it. We can wait if your schedule can't help it.

Right now it's less my schedule and more the fragility of my wrist. I got it messed up and it's still recovering! But it's getting there.