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by ARVEN92

This. Page. Was. So. Beautiful. Panel 1: Africa looks AMAZING and GORGEOUS in this panel! I may say that Binti's head looks a little bu...

by ARVEN92

Alright! This will be my very first ever critique, so let me get started! First, I would like to point out that overall this page is AM...




Leader: Wildstar- stocky dark brown tabby tom with black stripes and speckles with dark green eyes

Deputy: Thrushcloud- cream and brown bicolor snowshoe tom with a white belly and darker points with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Goldenmist- pale yellow tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice: None


Flamefur- ginger tabby tom with a paler chest and paws with bright green eyes
Apprentice, Rubypaw

Honeyswirl- pale orange tabby she-cat with bright yellow eyes

Eagleflight- Broad shouldered white tom with dark brown patches and green eyes

Cloudfeather- long-haired white tom with blue eyes
Apprentice, Nightpaw

Lilymoon- white she-cat with pale orange splotches and pale violet eyes 

Volefur- mottled light brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Foxpaw

Tigerstripe- mottled dark gray-brown tabby tom with green eyes and thin black stripes

Darkpelt- black tabby tom with gray stripes, yellow eyes, and a torn ear

Swiftwillow- light golden-brown tabby tom with a scar stretching from his shoulder down his foreleg and yellow eyes
Apprentice, Berrypaw

Foxfur- long-haired white tom with bright ginger and black splotches and yellow-green eyes

Marshfur- brown tabby tom with black stripes and white legs, chest, muzzle, and belly with green eyes 

Embertail- dark ginger she-cat with barely visible darker tabby stripes on her tail and yellow eyes 

Mossleaf- pale brown, black, and white tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice, Blossompaw

Sandstripe- light sandy-colored tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice, Rabbitpaw

Dewcloud- pale gray she-cat with a white muzzle and paws and blue eyes 

Spottedstream- sleek dark gray she-cat with pale brown spots and green eyes
Apprentice, Sorrelpaw

Hickorytail- white tom with amber eyes

Sedgestripe- pale brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Falconfeather- light gray tom with a buff-colored underbelly and cheeks with green eyes and black markings

Butterflywing- black-and-white she-cat with ice-blue eyes


Berrypaw- pale tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes- Mentor is Swiftwillow

Sorrelpaw- pale brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes- Mentor is Spottedstream

Rabbitpaw- pale orange tabby she-cat with white paws and blue eyes- Mentor is Sandstripe

Rubypaw- dark ginger tabby tom with green eyes and a white tail-tip- Mentor is Flamefur

Blossompaw- pale sandy-colored tabby she-cat with amber eyes- Mentor is Mossleaf

Nightpaw- solid black tom with green eyes- Mentor is Cloudfeather 


Moonheart- pale silver tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes, black ears, and white paws

Dappledusk- pregnant dappled, mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes and a white chest and paws


(Below are the kits of Moonheart and Wildstar)

Frostkit- long-haired white she-kit with green eyes, black ears, and a thick-furred black tail

Soilkit- mottled light brown tabby tom with darker speckles and bright green eyes


Shadestream- solid black she-cat with yellow eyes and a crooked tail

Cherrywhisker- short-furred calico she-cat with yellow eyes

Badgerpelt- skinny black-and-white tom with matted fur, pale yellow eyes, and a dark stripe down his forehead that stops at the bridge of his nose

Bramblestripe- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes and black stripes with one ripped ear


I know some of the names make no sense, like, "Swiftwillow and "Honeyswirl" and *cringes* "Soilkit", but most of these are very old OCs that I made like four years ago when I first got into the Warriors fandom. I first got into it when I was a smol child, made a bunch of OCs, then I got bored of it and left the fandom. This is an old story that I found lying around in my e-mail drafts, so I've decided to make it better. Yee!

Chapter 1 (written):
  Frozen Winds~ Chapter IChapter I

  Frostkit's fluffy white tail was waving with excitement. "This is it!" She squealed to her brother, Soilkit. "We're becoming apprentices!" 
  "I know that, mouse-brain!" Soilkit snapped, swatting her ear, although Frostkit could tell that he was just as excited as she was.
  "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, please gather under the Highrock for a clan meeting!" Wildstar, the two kits' father, bounded onto the Highrock, a tall mound of stone, and raised his tail for silence. Right then it was Leaf-Bare, and the Highrock was covered in a thick blanket of white. Only a few patches of silver stone shone through the snow. Frostkit was amazed that Wildstar's paws didn't slip.
  Forgetting her admiration for her father almost immediately in her excitement, she squealed aloud. She still couldn't believe it! This was the moment! 
  Wildstar raised his head. "Two kits have turned six moons old today and a

CreativeCheetah's comic version (tysm mah friendo!):
  Frozen Winds - page 1 by CreativeCheetah
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