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Hello, I'm oliver
I will mew\ meow at you if i don't know what else to say, it's just something i do. I even do it irl, i do it to my dad and he normally does a 'woof' or rawr back.
I enjoy making new friends, come talk to me!
Sunflowers are my favorite. I do traditional and digital art, sometimes I write stories and poems. I get depressed and when I do I get annoyed with everything that my close friends do or say. It's not a bother if you wish to message me or comment on stuff. If you like any of the art I've drawn please comment on them saying what you like about them! It brings me joy to see that people like my art and with the comments I'll know what to keep doing and what to change. If you need someone to rant to you can always message me, I won't judge and will give advice. just ask 'hey can I rant to you?' so I know it's going to be a rant and not towards me.

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Thomas walked where the last few seniors hung out, it was a small janitors closet that was modified just for them. When he walked inside he saw the other three from the first day.
“Have any of you seen Zack?” Thomas asked, his tone showed he was worried. They all shook their heads.
“No we haven’t but I’m sure nothing has happened to him. He’s fucking the headmaster.” One of the seniors said.
“Don’t say that, Dave. There is no proof.” Thomas said.
“Just like there’s no proof of those dead children who attended our freshmen year?” Dave said. One of the other seniors shushed him.
“Don’t talk about that, you know the walls have ears.” One of them whispered.
“Johns right, we shouldn’t talk about it.” Thomas said.
“Not here anyway.” Dave agreed. Elliot stood up from the corner and flung his backpack over his shoulders. His jet black hair covered his left eye, they were closed before he left.
“I don’t know about you guys but as seniors we have free will to leave and get lunch outside of the school, I plan to take that offer up. Who wants to join me at Mcdonalds?” Elliot said while he left, it was lunch time for them after all. The other four looked at each other before getting up to follow Elliot. As they inched closer and closer to the entrance of the building the pressure of the school seemed to increase on them. John seemed a bit timid, looking around as if they were going to get caught doing something they weren’t supposed to. Dave patted Johns back to reassure him.

The pressure didn’t let up when they walked outside, it kept getting more intense. It was like a big brother watching your every move, one slip up and you’re done. Elliot had this strong aura about him, the younger students saw him as ‘cool’ or a ‘bad boy’ but the truth is he was smart. The entrance of the school gates were now in their view, by now John had clung onto Dave’s arm. Thomas was walking by Elliot, he was seen as the protector. Consistently looking after his friends. When they got to the gate Elliot put his scarred hand on the gate, it didn’t burn. When he was a freshman he tried to escape but every time, the gate burned his left hand. The gates were made of iron but burnt you like they were on fire. Elliot left out the breath he was holding in. He turned to the others with a smug look on his face.
“Let’s keep moving.” Elliot said. One by one they left Hellfires school gates and the pressure they were experiencing was slowly letting up. They had a mile to walk to the bus stop, fair was $1.20 each. All the young men were physically fit enough to walk to the only bus stop. The further they went the less feeling of eyes were on them. The lands outside the school looked dead or dying, the grass was yellow and the trees had no leaves. It was like whatever was in the school was draining the surrounding life. When they got to the bus stop they were tired, luckily for them there was a bench there. All four of them sat down and waited.
“Does anyone know when the bus will come?” John asked in his usual timid voice. Dave took out his cell phone and turned it on when you’re in Hellsfire your phones won’t work as well as they should. The school has an old-fashioned wooden crank phone that shouldn’t even work but it does. There have been rumors that you can call the dead with that phone. Sadly, everyone that tired had died.
“My phone works now so I’ll use my data to Google the bus schedule.” Dave said. Elliot crossed his arms and leaned back on the bench, he looked around and saw no one else but them.
“I have a feeling the bus won’t come.” Elliot said. Thomas looked at Elliot when he said that.
“What do you mean? We just got here, how would you know?” Thomas asked.
“Look around, there isn’t a place within walking distance here, no one would be waiting here for a bus. Just not practical for a public bus to come down this far.” Elliot said, he got up and started walking. By now the other two turned their heads to look at him, John freaked out and got up quickly and ran up to Elliot. John and Thomas followed after them, John kept searching for the bus schedule but to no avail. By the time they got into town they were exhausted, John and Dave looked like they were about to fall over. Thomas being the protector and the ‘father’ figure decided to carry the two on his shoulders the rest of the way to McDonalds. Elliot would glance at Thomas from time to time, wondering how he was able to walk with those two idiots on him. When they got to McDonalds Elliot grabbed Dave from Thomas and dropped him in one of the booths.
“Ow! What the hell is your problem?” Dave yelled, Elliot glared down at him.
“Your sweat was getting on my hands.” Elliot said.
“So? You’re sweating too!” Dave said. Elliot raised his arms and twirled around, there wasn’t a single drop of sweat on him.

“How? You’re not human!” Dave said. Thomas was trying to calm Dave down since he was making a scene. Elliot walked over to the restroom to wash his hands, Dave took an offense to that but he would’ve done the same thing. Inside this place the air conditioner was on full blast, the floors needed sweeping. John tried their wifi to see about the bus schedule, it worked this time. John gave a confused look at the schedule. Thomas walked away to order something and Elliot came back.
“What’s the matter Johnny?” Dave said.
“I’ll tell you when Thomas comes back, he must hear this too.” John said.
“Alrighty then, Elliot, why weren’t you sweating?” Dave asked, just trying to start a conversation.  
“You said it yourself, I’m not human. Or it could be because I spray myself down with deodorant daily.” Elliot replied with his smartass mouth.
“Oh, well that’s some strong deodorant.” Dave whispered. Thomas came back with four bottled waters and a large frie for himself.
“If you guys want to eat something go order.” Thomas said. John tugged on Thomas’s sleeve to get his attention.
“Look, Thomas.” John said while showing him the cell phone.
“There isn’t a stop at the school, in fact the more you search about the school there isn’t anything.” John said.
“So?“ Dave said.
“So, The school isn’t supposed to be there!” John announced. They each gave a hard stare at each other, Elliot at Thomas and Dave at John.
“If that’s the case then it makes sense now.” Thomas said.
“Why our parents never sent letters or even visited.” Dave said.
“Do they even know we’re here?” John whispered.
“Hm.. This also explains why the school is still in business after all those deaths.” Elliot said. This new development left only questions instead of answers. John put his hands on his head and started acting as if he was going to have a panic attack. Dave started to call his parents in hopes they will bring him home. In the mitts of Johns panic attack he had his ears covered while rocking back and forth, tears started to fall.
‘We’re all going to die.’ John thought.   
Thomas tried to comfort John, he laid his head on Thomas’s shoulder and sobbed into his shirt. Thomas slowly patted his back, having a younger brother who was prone to attacks like these he knew how to handle the situation well. Dave walked outside to talk, his parents were surprised to hear from him.
“Hello son, how’s school doing?” Dave’s mother said.
“Good, by the way did you know some students from my freshmen year are dead?” Dave said, blunt and straight to the point. Something felt wrong about the call.
“What do you mean dead? Your headmaster sent us a recent video with all your classmates.” His mother said. This boggled Dave, there weren’t any recent videos sent out; even if there was it couldn’t possibly have his classmates in it.
“What do you mean?” Dave asked, he was so confused.
“In the video you’re playing kickball with Steven, Thomas, Joe, and some long haired pale kid that you never told me about.” Dave’s mother said. Nothing made sense anymore, it was true he played kickball a few days ago but the only other person there was Thomas.
“What did that other kid look like?” Dave asked, the description didn’t match anyone that he knew.
“He had rags on, looked dirty, hair bloodish black, and had white pale skin.” Dave’s mother said, that was definitely not a student nor did he ever seen one that looked like that.
“Thanks mom, I’ll talk to you later.” Dave said, they said their goodbyes, and he hung up.

When he walked back into the fast-food joint John had calmed down a bit but was clinging onto Thomas like a child would cling to their teddy bear. Dave must have looked worried or something because Elliot asked him what was wrong.
“My mom claimed there was a recent video sent out with Thomas and I playing kickball.” Dave told him.
“And that’s why you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” Elliot asked, he had one eyebrow raised with one side of his lips up like a half smile.
“It’s what she said that spooked me. Steve and Joe were in the video.” Dave said, this got their attention since Joe and Steve have been dead since freshman year.
“Maybe they sent an old video to make it seem everything was all good?” Thomas said, Dave shook his head ‘no.’
“Remember, freshman aren’t allowed to play unsupervised? My mom was convents it was recent so I must have had my senior colors on.” Dave said. The school gives freshman uniforms the colors blue and pink, the seniors wear black and red.
“I’ll text her and ask if she could send the video.” Dave said, he started to text. He was like any other teen, able to text fast with only his thumbs. Elliot got up to order food since he was bored, John reached his right hand over to Thomas’s fries and stole one, Thomas noticed but pretended not to. Dave sat down and scooted towards the window, he plopped his feet up on the table.
“Come on Dave, put your feet down.” Thomas said, he stared at the dirty shoes.
“Why?” Dave asked with one of his eyebrows raised, he had his hands in his lap while holding his phone.
“Because the table isn’t big enough plus we’re eating.” Thomas said, he was getting pretty annoyed. Elliot came back with enough food for the entire table, there were: Big macs, Fried fish sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, and a double bacon deluxe, four big fries, and four large sodas.
“Move your fucking feet and wipe the table down or you won't get anything.” Elliot said with venom in his words.

Dave was pretty hungry, he slowly took his feet off the table. Elliot has yet to sit since he’s waiting for the table to be cleaned, Dave scooted out of the booth. He walked up to the cash register and asked for something to clean the table. The nice lady handed him a rag and some liquid in an unmarked, clear squirt bottle. Dave walked back to the table and started to squirt the table down and scrub it. After he finished Elliot placed the food tray on the table and sat down, Dave walked back to return the items. Before he walked back to the table, he went to the restroom to clean his hands because they smelt like chemicals. While in the restroom he heard two adult strangers talking to each other.
“Bro you know those kids that just walked in a few minutes ago?”
“Yeah, what about them?”
“They’re all rich brats.”
“So, let’s go rob them.”
“I don’t know, two of them look strong enough to beat our asses.”
“But the other two look wimpy.”
Dave hurried out and back to the table, he sat down next to Elliot.
“There were two guys in the bathroom talking about robbing us.” Dave blurted out. Thomas looked stunned and Elliot just rolled his eyes. He had a straw in his mouth sucking up some cola, Elliot handed Dave his drink and food.
“Thanks but you don’t seem too worried.” Dave said to Elliot. John was breathing heavily. Thomas patted his back and whispered in his ear. “It’s okay, no one's going to hurt you.”   
The two guys from the restroom walked out, they looked like your normal video game thugs. Wearing clothes that were popular in the 60s, had rough breads and chains as belts. They sat in the booth next to the boys. Elliot was next to the window but didn’t want Dave to get hurt if something happened so he grabbed on to Dave's hips and dragged his butt onto his lap. Dave was obviously blushing but being the tsundere that he is Dave started making a scene.
“What’s the big idea?” Dave yelled out. Elliot just ignored his little tantrum and stared at Thomas who had his eyes opened wide for this. John wasn’t that interested in what was going on, just trying to prevent another attack. Dave had finally given up when Elliot refused to talk to him so he just crossed his arms and puffed out his cheeks. Thomas looked at his watch.
“Damnit! We need to get going, our lunch break is almost up.” Thomas said, Elliot lifts Dave over his shoulders and gets up.
“Fucking hell man! Can’t you be a little more gentle?” Dave coughed out, Elliot accidentally elbowed him in the stomach.
“No.” Elliot said. As they left the two punks from inside got up and followed the four. Elliot and Thomas watched the two from the corner of their eyes, Thomas had John sitting on his back as if it were a piggy back ride. Dave was able to see the two punks from his view, Elliot had his hand on Dave’s butt. They all kept silent, hoping no conflict will arise if the two got closer. Dave and Elliot could hear the two talk.
“Where the hell are these kids going?”
“Don’t know, maybe there’s a school close by? I mean, they are dressed in uniforms.”

Further the four walked the more the punks backed off. It was as if the arua of the school scared them, they were now back at the bus stop. Elliot and Thomas gently put Dave and John down on the ground.
“You two can walk the rest of the way.” Elliot said.
“You know I could have walked just fine.” Dave said.
“Yes dear.” Elliot said, he meant that as a ‘whatever’ but Dave took it as something else.
“I am not your dear!” Dave said while pointing his index finger at Elliot. This was all going on as they walked closer to the school’s gates. Once inside the gates the four heard what sounded like rope, being swung back and forth. This sound was new and wasn’t there when they left. Thomas and Elliot looked at each other and then at the two shorter boys.
“Stay here.” Elliot told them.
“We’re go investigate the noise.” Thomas said in his cheerful voice. John and Dave looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, they just waited there happily chatting. Elliot and Thomas walked closer to the rose garden, the sound got louder with every turn they made. Finally, they reached the source of the sound. There in front of them was Zack, he was strung up on the cherry blossom tree. Zack had his pants below his ankle and his junk ripped from his body. It was a gruesome sight and anyone with a penis would feel the pain that Zack must have felt. Elliot put one hand on his stomach and turned away. Thomas covered his mouth as he was about to throw up. They both decided to cut Zack down and lay him on the ground.
“I’ll go get the headmaster.” Thomas said.  


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