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NaruNozo Shipping Banner by MewIchigoZoey NaruNozo Shipping Banner by MewIchigoZoey
:giggle: After I did ~chibi-kisame's ItaRora banner, I asked her if I could use the pic she made me of my OC, Nozomi with Naruto for one, and she said yes! I was so excited! ^w^ Sooo after a loong time *I spent more time customizing effects on this one than my last since I wasn't sneaking* xD, I finally finished it! Haha, it's got on orangey-yellow color like my icon! It be a matching set ~Nya! =O

*LOVES it* :heart::heart::heart::heart:

...*uses icon and banner on her RPG forum* xDDDD

...I might even put it in my journal if I can figure out how to before my subby ends owo

Nozomi: Dang you, stop making NaruNozo things!! I already said I don't like him and I MEANT it!! >.<

Me:...Then how come you're letting him kiss you here? *shows a WIP skech*

Nozomi: o/////////o;......

Me: I thought so...see you liiiiike him! =D :giggle:

Image used (c) :iconchibi-kisame:
Nozomi (c) Me
Blade-Shunkin Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2008
Ahaha! That one's on the RPG! Nice job.
MewIchigoZoey Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2008
Yep! xD I like it too much not to use it! 8D

Thank you! ^o^
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