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Name: Verne

Age: Adult (27-28)

Pronouns: He/Him


The chillest forest-cat you'll ever meet in terms of attitude, he tries to be mature but... Tries to help others when he can though, as long as the task isn't too tasking! At the end of the day, he is a very dependable Mothcat, and quite loyal. Can rush into things sometimes if the idea excites him. Can be a bit socially oblivious and loud when he's excited.


Long walks in the forest, jumping around in trees, and helping other animals. He enjoys hanging around the small Bumblebun community, and also likes helping Florabuns. Knows the best spots to find all sorts of nature-based goods, and he enjoys being something of a handy-man when he decides the endeavor is worth his energy. Also likes fishing, if you count jumping in a river and grabbing up fish in his teeth while covered in mud fishing. 

Mothcat ID #781 : Buck : A more distant cousin, they don't hang out too much... but they do get along well.

Mothcat ID #171 : Natsu : Met him while out and about, since Natsu was napping. Verne joined in. They share generally similar philosophies. 
Mothcat ID #741 : Moore : Old teacher type who noticed Verne while he was out fishing. Helps Verne try to be a bit more bookish in terms of natural-world knowledge.
Bumblebun ID #19 : Vale : A local Bumblebun Verne is close to.
Bumblebun ID #81 : Glenn : Anyone close to Vale, is close to Glenn too!


Feel free to inquire about friendships and potential relatives! May also consider a romantic relationship.

Bird - Finch by Mothkitten 

[Misc. Inventory]
Scarf - Forest by Mothkitten 


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Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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