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[Character Info]
Toyhou.se Page/Personality Information

Name: Suzume "Suzu"

Age: Adult (Like 19 Human Years)

Pronouns: She / Her


Rather headstrong. Has a hard time expressing "softer" emotions. Can appear careless, but has a strong heart.
Is always looking for the next thing to do! She can get a bit hurt sometimes when she does open up to others and doesn't get the response she was 100% hoping for. 


Boating, treasure hunting, exploring... mainly wants to adventure out in the world and accomplish things!

Mothcat ID #429 : Lumi : Possibly a distant cousin, but the two treat each other like sisters for sure. 

Mothcat ID #171 : Natsu : Current roommate - Thinks of him more like a brother these days. Can be possessive of Natsu though!
Mothcat ID #409 : Marron : Fellow adventurer and high-spirited friend! Likes to explore alongside Suzu.
Mothcat ID #413 : Rowan : Winter competitor friend and someone she admires, in a way. She calls him out when he's being sour. 


Feel free to inquire about friendships and potential relatives! Please do not inquire about potential romantic relationships.

Bird - Seagull by Mothkitten Fish - Betta: Blue by Mothkitten

[Misc. Inventory]
Fish Tank by Mothkitten Flower Crown - Forget-Me-Nots by Mothkitten Eyepatch by Mothkitten Hat - Pirate by Mothkitten Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten Companion Whistle Necklace by Mothkitten


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Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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Can Marron be her friend!!