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Name: Natsu

Age: Adult (Like 20 Human Years)

Pronouns: He / Him


Generally laid back, tends to take the time to enjoy things. Isn't too hurried unless something intense is going on. Can be oblivious however, and sometimes his carefree attitude can make him seem uncaring about his friends. He's gotten a bit better about things though, and as of late has begun to... in his own way, possibly form a crush on another. He's trying to form stronger bonds with those around himself-- take more of an active role. 


Snoozing in the sun, gathering food, and taking long walks. Sometimes like to just lie down and think about life in general. 
He can actually be pretty thoughtful if you catch him in the mood! 
His favorite thing to do is really just to help-- he wants others to be able to relax a bit more.

Mothcat ID #239 - Suzu : His roommate and "little sister", he knows that she used to crush on him, but he genuinely just cares about her. Sometimes                                                 gets called out by her when he's too lazy. 
Mothcat ID #327 - Essiri : A "newcomer", Natsu first met Essiri slowly after they noticed one another while out and about. Natsu admires the                                                             scholarly cat's drive, but sometimes doesn't catch her sarcasm. 
Mothcat ID #524 - Verne : Natsu's main man to go travel with. The two share similar life philosophies, and a love of napping in the sun.


Feel free to inquire about friendships and potential relatives! Please do not inquire about potential romantic relationships.

Hamster - Spotted by Mothkitten

[Misc. Inventory]
Brown-Dyed Bead Necklace by Mothkitten Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten Golden Bell Party Hat by Mothkitten


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Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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