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Toyhou.se Page/Personality Information

Name: Lumi

Age: Adult (Around 22-23)

Pronouns: She / Her


Excitable and honest, Giving and naive-- Lumi is a very happy-go-lucky Mothcat! But sometimes her innocence can get herself hurt. When she's sad, she is truly sad, but she'll pick herself back up again while trying to spread smiles. Totally an angel. One wonders if she has a dark side when she's mad. [Hint: She does.]


Loves the winter season, and most holidays. Any excuse for giving is a good day for Lumi, as she loves picking out gifts and making them for others. Might be why she ended up with a bow on her head. She finds herself a bit lost when she isn't helping others though. One wonders if she actually has any hobbies for herself and herself only... 

Mothcat ID #239 : Suzu : Possibly a distant cousin, but the two treat each other like sisters for sure. 
Mothcat ID #741 : Moore : Grumpy uncle.
Mothcat ID #796 : Alba : Something like an adopted aunt to Lumi. 
Mothcat ID #1091 : Nita : Niece!


Everyone! Literally, she loves making friends-- to describe each would be difficult. This list will specifically include descriptions for very important individuals in this cat's life. 

Mothcat ID #1128 : Ariane : Lumi in particular has tried to befriend this prickly cat.


Feel free to inquire about friendships, potential relatives, and perhaps a romantic relationship! 


[Misc. Inventory]
Flower Crown - Lily by Mothkitten 
(Has an attached Gift Bow as well, part of her design)


✧ ✧ ✧

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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