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Name: Lebannen, "Leb"

Age: 25

Pronouns: He / Him


A bit... mean, honestly. Sarcastic, a flirt, likes to think he's slick. Somewhat manipulative, and a little insecure at times. If something catches his interest, he goes after it with all he's got. You never really can tell if he's being genuine or not, but those he actually cares for... I wouldn't mess with them. Genuinely does adore games and puzzles, and spooky holidays. Has a blast tricking others, but he's mostly harmless with what he does. When he's serious, he's serious, and rather intelligent too.


Tricks, pranks, psychology, games... anything that's a bit more intellectual and something he can try to manipulate. May or may not be a card shark. Halloween and Fall. Collecting amethyst-related items for whatever reason.


Mothcat ID #327 : Essiri : May or may not be a distant cousin. Likes to... mess with her to say the least. Is aware she's around his area.


Mothcat ID #413 : Rowan : Leb respects the standoffish cat, and enjoys Rowan's company considering they're both pretty sarcastic. 
Mothcat ID #642 : Yarrow : A cautious "friendship" on Yarrow's end. Respects Leb's abilities, and tends to blunt his "edge" so to speak in mixed company. Is willing to call the membrane-winged cat out when he's misbehaving. Lebannen sometimes can appreciate this, but also will happily call Yarrow out if anything embarrassing happens to the dragonfly-winged cat. 

Partner / Family:

Mothcat ID #414 : Spades : Looks like these two "bad boys" have something going on... ! In fact, they have a whole little family going on. They care deeply for one another, admittedly, and Leb is very defensive of Spades. Leb is connected to Spades' family via, of course, Spades, and their shared children. See [Mothcat Tracker] (Ace of) Spades for more information.

Mothcat ID #977 : Trey : One of Leb & Spade's children, Trey resembles Leb more than Remy does. Trey is more of a pacifist than their father (Leb) is.
Mothcat ID #978 : Orrem (Remy) : The quiet child of the two children, but a bit more similar in Leb personality wise. However, Remy is a bit more serious than Leb would be, which is a bit surprising to Leb... 

Feel free to inquire about friendships and potential relatives!


[Misc. Inventory]
Sunglasses - Purple by Mothkitten Flower - Rose by Mothkitten


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Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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