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Name: Essiri

Age: Adult (Early-20s)

Pronouns: She / Her


Cold at times, very serious and focused. Cares tenderly about those close to her, however. Very fierce at times. Sometimes other Mothcats almost expect her to breathe fire! Has softened a bit more though as of late. Just don't expect her sarcasm to ever fade. 


Her studies, which include various fields of information. Has a penchant for studying stones and the natural world. Also likes folklore. 
Likes to live away from the crowds, and has a small library. 


Mothcat ID #591 : Lebannen : May be a (distant) cousin. She does not like Leb much. 
Mothcat ID #978 : Remy : Her cousin-nephew, per Leb.
Mothcat ID #720 : Thea : A mysterious bat-winged cat, like Essiri. A good friend who Essiri seems to see all too little. 


Bumblebun ID #89 : Ico : Her current roommate-bun, has his own little space though in their unofficial home. She found him while traveling.
Mothcat ID #171 : Natsu : When Essiri first came to the area, Natsu was the first to really contact her... she has warm feelings towards the calm                                      Mothcat. He perplexes her at times, but his oblivious attitude is usually endearing to her. 
Mothcat ID #413 : Rowan : Sarcasm friend! He has been a bit forward with her in the past, which she's ignored, but he does like the cynical Mothcat's                                   company in shorter doses. He gets her sense of humor. 
Mothcat ID #642 : Yarrow : A friend...? Yarrow seems to tease Essiri a little bit too much, to be honest. The two have a friendly rivalry. 



Feel free to inquire about friendships and potential relatives! Please do not inquire about potential romantic relationships.

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[Mothcats - LoX Prompt 1] Essiri's Tale

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