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I will normally take on 5 commissions at a time. 

I am open again due to being at home! I will have a quicker turnaround time as a result, and I have updated options and prices since before! =D
If you're interested in something, I may be able to work out an art trade with you since I'm at home currently! :heart:

Please visit my Commissions Folder for some of my favorite commissioned pieces I've done!
IF I AM CLOSED/FULL - Comment below and I'll ping you once I'm opened up again!

In terms of general closed species characters I draw often, I work with:
Paralogos, Whifflings, MothcatsBeelzebubbies, Puppillars, Cloudnines, PillowingsMhoats, Esk, and many more!
I tend to be best with animal characters, primarily felines, dragons, and other chimeric creatures. 
Linked each species name to an image I've created of them. (Check back for more updated artwork too!)


  1. --
  2. xxx
  3. xxx
  4. xxx
  5. xxx

Please Comment With This Form Below:
Type of Commission:
Character Reference:
Payment Type: (Points/Paypal)
Anything Else?:


Digital Artwork

[Paralogos Large Redesign Commission] Woods by mewhaku [Beelzebubby DTA] The Perfect Gift by mewhaku[Paralogos Snapshot Commission] Cancer Zodiac Sign by mewhaku
1. Single Character Flat Color Full Body Image: $8 - 10
(Depending on Complexity, can add +2 accessories for free, more detailed background can be added for +$2)

[Beelzebubbies] Gangs Icons All Here by mewhaku

2. Single Character Toyhouse Style Shaded Square Icon: $6, two for $10
(Includes a 400x400 pixel icon, along with a resized option of 200x200 for easy loading into TH avatar icons!)

[Beelzebubby StL Event] Extra Clever by mewhaku[Paralogos + Prize Art] Something Wicked... by mewhaku[Beelzebubby StL Event] Moonlit Wings by mewhaku
3. Single Character Shaded Headshot or Bust Image: $7-10
(If you want additional arms/wings included in the image, the cost goes up a bit.)

[Paralogos + Commission] Galaxy Gaze by mewhaku[Puppillars Trait Design Updates] Wayfarer by mewhaku[Paralogos + Patreon Raffle Prize] Curled Dino by mewhaku
4. Single Character Shaded Full Body Image: $12-16
(Price depends on Complexity, can add +2 accessories for free, more detailed background can be added for +$2.)
A small note: I have a raffle every month on my Patreon for 1 shaded full body artwork! You only have to pledge $5 to be eligible.

[Mhoat Event] A Peaceful Night by mewhaku[Commission + MCats] Where I can free my mind by mewhaku[Paralogos + Gift Art] Serenity Setting by mewhaku

5. Larger Images- "Anime Style Screenshot" or Otherwise Scenic/Atmospheric - $20+
(Price depends on Complexity, can add +2 accessories for free. Character addition is +25%)


Other / Special Categories



  • Full Terms of Service/detailed stuff here- by ordering a commission, you're agreeing to these: Artist Terms of Service
  • But otherwise: My turnaround time is normally about a week. 
    • If I'm taking longer than a week, feel free to inquire as to where you finished piece is! Note, this may be extended for more complex pieces. I'll give you a warning upon acceptance of me completing the piece.
  • I currently ask for payment upon receipt of an approved sketch, so that I may then work on the full piece. 
    • You can also ask for WIP updates as you please! Please let me know of any specific details I should pay attention to.
  • I use the conversion rate of 100 Points = $1.00 USD. I use PayPal Invoices for USD Payment.
  • Any mistakes made on my behalf (e.g. misread description, missed a detail, etc) I will correct free of charge. However if the mistake is as a result of insufficient information or not mentioned to me when I accepted your commission, I am not obliged to correct or change anything for you.
  • Generally you can see examples of what I can/can't draw in my gallery- please feel free to request any idea, and I'll let you know if I can work on that or not.


Other Notes / Thoughts

  • Adding a character is usually a +25-50% cost. More details if needed at the ToS and can be like, talked about.
  • If you see an image you like of mine that isn't necessarily "listed" here, just ask me about it! I'm happy to have more options available.
  • I'm always willing to possibly negotiate on price- and accept art trades sometimes as payment! Just note me or comment.
© 2016 - 2021 mewhaku
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Hello! I'd love to commission you for some Seaweed Dino art if you're up for it!

Type of Commission: Scenic/"Screenshot" Style
Character Reference:
Concept/Pose/Etc: Wading waist-deep in the ocean at night, with a candle in one hand and a cup of ale in the other, and pouring the ale into the ocean. Inspired by this ritual:…
Payment Type: Paypal
Anything Else?: You're welcome to include their gloves and scarf, but both are optional for the purposes of this picture.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns~ <3
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And done~
[Paralogos + Commission] Ale Spilled by mewhaku
Thank you again for your commission order!
mewhaku's avatar
Oh my goodness! What a fantastic idea!!! 
Did you have a preference from the screenshot examples I showcased ? I can fluctuate a bit on how the style looks. 
But I would love to take this commission either way~ 
Rough price would be $22 I think from the description of the background/character you're using, but if you feel this is unfair let me know! I'm a bit flexible on range for these more complex pieces. 
Calliopius's avatar
$22 sounds good to me! And I'm not super picky about style -- I trust you to pick the style that you think works best for the scene in question. I do particularly like this one you did for Shrike, tho, for what it's worth: [Commission + MCats] Where I can free my mind

Would you like me to DM you my paypal over Discord so you can invoice me?
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Sounds good! I will try and mirror the finishing effects in that direction then- that's classically the 'anime style' screenshot steps I use. 
And yes! Please do DM me Paypal details~
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Old Commission Orders Under This Comment
COZMOCAT's avatar
Are these still open?
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COZMOCAT's avatar
Type of Commission: flat fullbody
Character Reference:…
Concept/Pose/Etc: any
Payment Type: Points
Anything Else?: nope!
mewhaku's avatar
Ok! Looks good to me. =D Bratty would be $7 or 700 Points! Would you like to send those now or would you like to see a sketch first? 
COZMOCAT's avatar
I’d like to see a sketch first if that’s okay!
mewhaku's avatar
Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 9.22.04 PM by mewhaku
Of course! Sketched this up for ya real quick. What do you think? Different pose needed?
COZMOCAT's avatar
Nope that’s so perfect!!
mewhaku's avatar
Awesome! Do send the points and I'll get to work on this lovely Pillowing for you then~
Turnaround time is usually no more than a week, usually quicker- but y'know. If you need any other updates (aka, like, lineart stage etc) do let me know and I'll keep you in the loop. =D
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Type of Commission: Shaded Fullbody
Character Reference:…
Concept/Pose/Etc: Not sure - sitting with a butterfly in their hand? Open to ideas
Payment Type: Paypal
Anything Else?: Added some design notes to their TH profile!

Thank you!
mewhaku's avatar
Adorable! I love the idea of working with the butterfly concept... lemme concept some sketchwork for you.

Considering the gradient (shading those is a little rough for me) and clothing (if you want it added! It shouldn't be too rough)
I'd est. the cost around $13, if that's fair for you! They're mid-tier difficulty. 

Let me know if that works for you, and we'll get you set up. ^^
Arquerite's avatar
Absolutely fine by me! Thank you so much!
mewhaku's avatar
Awesome, would you like to pay now or when I start your artwork? ^^ 
(Tarje commented before you, but I want to clear up talking about their design first)
Arquerite's avatar
Either works for me! Now, so I don't forget perhaps?
mewhaku's avatar
Certainly! I will send you that invoice shortly then. Can you PM me your Paypal address? (I'm sure I have it but... XP)
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I’d love to commission you for a Pokémon design, I adore the Primarina Samurott one you did recently! ^_^

Type of Commission: Custom Character Design - Pokemon
Character Reference: N/A
Concept/Pose/Etc: I’d like a cross between a Purrloin and a Hawlucha, maybe with some different colours or markings? I’m thinking he could be the younger sibling or something of this character: [CL] Artemis
A sort of mini Robin Hood/ Puss In Boots type character, steal from the rich, give to.. well, probably himself, but yes of course the poor can have some too probably maybe a little? xD Similar sort of body shape to Artemis I think, upright, Purrloin base with Hawlucha wings and markings and everything.
Payment Type: Paypal
Anything Else?: I think that covers it! ^_^

Thank you!
mewhaku's avatar
mewhaku's avatar
Ok, let's see here.. 
I'd probably price this within the $6-9 range depending on if you want shading ($9) or just a flat reference ($6). 

So different markings (maybe cheetah-like spots rather than leopard?) or less markings overall (if they're a Purrloin/Hawlucha cross/variant)
Would you want the wings on the back or attached to the arms?
And generally who gives the color scheme- more Purrloin or Hawlucha?

If these terms sound good to you, I will agree to the commission! 
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