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Themed Paralogos (CLOSED)



Alright! So thanks to the kindly suggested idea from joshiepopop (thanks again! This was fun.) I decided to do a few Paralogos with Easter-y type words. Chose some more flowers usually associated with the holiday/spring festivals/etc as I thought that would be a bit more interesting to attempt!

Anywho, these are indeed a closed species, and barring MYO slots/custom bought slots you can only buy one from me!
The species guide is here.
There is only one of each word. Meaning each is pretty darn unique! (Although there are ways to get similar ones.)


1. Jellybean - CLOSED - SpeedyDVV

2. Daffodil - OPEN - Clarsevi

3. Lily - CLOSED - I'm just gonna keep her I think. 

4. Tulip - CLOSED - forestcheeto

1. Species concept is mine, so if you buy one, credit me! 
2. You can do whatever you want with these aside from changing the design itself too greatly.
3. If you do buy one, you'll go on the list of owners. If you sell it/trade it/gift it to someone else, you need to let me know. So that I can transfer the ownership! =)
4. You'll get the separate transparent file once you buy.
5. Just ask questions if anything is unclear.


Paralogos concept (c) me
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