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[Paralogos] Species Sheet + Guide

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More information is in the description here!!!

Note, updating this to keep it relevant to the group currently.

Paralogos are a CLOSED SPECIES: This means you cannot make one your own without permission.

Please check out the group for more information on these special creatures!

The outdated species sheet is here: Paralogos (Closed Species) Reference Guide, it may help you with general background to a degree. 

We also have chapters of worldbuilding here:

Chapter 1 - The Level System
Chapter 2 - The World
Chapter 3 - Magic
Chapter 4 - Wicked Paralogos
Chapter 5 - Paralogos Life Cycle
Chapter 6 - Wisdom

Group Link Directory - Get Started Here! <-- Find more cool worldbuilding and group resources here!


Traits + Accessories
  • The only thing about the tail is that it needs 4 'sections' - information like this is more readily apparent/readable on the "example" sheets.
  • Yes, they can wear accessories! 
    • Ideally, if a Paralogos has accessories, they should be drawn on the Para as often as possible if they came with the design. 
    • It usually means that the accessory is made of / is the word they focus on. They like feeling close to it! 
  • There's no real trait system. 
    • Paralogos are illusion-based creatures, in some senses of the term. 
    • Their appearance somewhat shifts due to word perception. 
      • (However, this doesn't mean you can change your Para's design... this is more for lore purposes + explaining why there's no official trait system.)
    • For example, a bird based Paralogos can have wings (because their word innately is related to that trait), but the wings wouldn't be functional (more vestigal due to weight and such) unless their Tier 1 Magic granted them flight. We're trying to add more notes about situations like that for ease of creation as well.

Breeding + Lifestyle
Word Choices + Options 
  • There are certain words that you may not claim for a Paralogos. 
    • These are generally rather negative terms, political terms, or religious terms. 
    • The group does have a partially complex blacklist, currently. Please inquire about this list by sending a message to the group itself.  
    • ***On that note, we would like to clarify-- copyrighted terms are not allowed to be chosen as Paralogos-words.
  • Most Paralogos find their focus in positive or neutral terms. (Ex. tea, excitement, dog...)
  • Negative-Paralogos do exist! But they aren't very common. (Ex. Curse, Zombie, etc.)
  • Paralogos come in various "levels", higher levels usually meaning the word is more abstract-- lower, more concrete. 
    • In a sense they also play out as a rarity system. You cannot upgrade your Para's level-- the level is based around the word. 
  • On that note, Paralogos, can never change their wordOnly one of each word is in existence at a time.


Paralogos (c) to mewhaku

Please feel free to ask questions/check out the group! Our species visual masterlist is here: LogosLibrary if you'd like to see examples. 
We catalog all the Paralogos for sale in the folder here in the group too!


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