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[Paralogos Personal WICKED MYO] Ineffable



Oh man I've had this kid on Word Claim for... awhile.

Word: Ineffable
Level: 4 (Wicked)
Origin: English, late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin ineffabilis, from in- ‘not’ + effabilis
Definition: Incapable of being expressed in words, too great or extreme to be described in words. Not to be uttered, taboo.

Tier 1 Magic:
1. Sometimes suddenly 'censored' as they're about to utter something they're feeling strongly.
2. Their sense of language is compelling and seems to capture feelings that others cannot express; they have the ability to capture the feelings of others into words.
3. Being around this Paralogos also sometimes causes individuals to also be affected by this seemingly random 'censorship', and they too will lose their ability to talk temporarily.

As a result of all this, this Paralogos voluntarily wears a mouth guard fashioned from, well, something of a gold toned alloy... it reassures them and keeps them calm. They can be very anxious about all of this, and due to their appearance hide themselves away from most of society. 
Despite this wings, this Paralogos cannot fly- they're more like a clipped bird.
As a personal preference, they've managed to obtain some celestite to place into their jewelry. Something about the blue and milky colors of it calms them quite a bit. This Paralogos is very shy, but when comfortable, sometimes they let themselves relax just a bit and remove the mouth guard.

I haven't figured out too much else for their chosen name just yet, just the basics of personality spinnings here.
I would say they're not as 'far gone' as some other Wicked Paralogos- they're trying to remain in control of their word focus as much as they can, without it overtaking them.... 

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they're so pretty! 
Love this baby!