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Paralogos: Mini-Advent Calendar [CLOSED!]

By mewhaku
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Hello! We admins over at ParalogosDictionary have been planning a bit, and think testing out a little Advent Calendar of sorts would be fun for the later half of December. There's a mix of both Christmas-centric words and more wintery words! 

EDIT: Since we still have 3 designs open from this: Schwibbogen, Frost, and Firewood- if anyone buys an Advent Design they will come with a FREE Pixel Icon by mewhaku. [OPEN YCH] Para-Pixel Icon [Paralogos]
A clarification, designs must be bought to be eligible. Designers may offer to do trades at this point, up to them.

The days with purple-blue backgrounds are Level 1 words. They cost 300 Points or $3 each.
The days with green backgrounds are Level 2 words. They cost 400 Points or $4 each.
The day with a lighter-green and yellow background is a Level 4 word. It costs 600 Points or $6. 
The final day, with an orange and red background is a Level 6 word. (CLOSED)

For more information on Paralogos Word Levels, go here: Chapter 1 - The Level System.

This is only half the month leading up to Christmas-- so it will not start until December 13th, 2016!
(The Calendar postings of the adopts in question-- the sales of slots are open currently.

It will also consist of various designers/artists making the Paralogos: 
tamingofthesandshrew , mewhaku (me), Necromouser , SpeedyDVV , and aquilala 

You may ask to see a portfolio of designs made by these artists before claiming a slot! Payment would go to the designer themselves directly. 

Regarding the Rules of claming slots:

- You must pay for a slot within 48 hours of claiming it. No holds allowed.
- You will see the adopt for the first time on the day it is to be posted! 
-------- On that note, if you have severe issues with the design, you may be offered a refund and/or design changes
- You may negotiate payment - and payment form -  with the designer if you want to pay by Paypal price. (Not all of the designers have a Paypal.)
- You can buy a slot as a gift for someone-- simply let us know you want to buy it for someone other than yourself!
-------- On that note, new/current owners all should join the ParalogosDictionary group if possible. 

Fill out this form to claim a slot:

Owner Username :  
Day / Word
Method of Payment

---------------------------------------------------------- SLOT TRACKER

Dec 13 - Snowman - Designer: aquilala - CLOSED - princessdiamond6 - PAID - Dec. 13 - Snowman
Dec 14 - Present - Designer: mewhaku - CLOSED - ANot-So-WiseOwlDec. 14 - Present 
Dec 15 - Schwibbogen - Designer: Necromouser - ON HOLDDec. 15 - Schwibbogen  - DarlingJess - PAID (by Arquerite )
Dec 16 - Frost - Designer: SpeedyDVV - CLOSEDDec 16 - Frost - Arquerite - PAID
Dec 17 - Coal - Designer: Necromouser - CLOSED - Dec. 17 - Coal
Dec 18 - Carillon - Designer: mewhaku - CLOSED - Arquerite - PAID - Dec. 18 - Carillon
Dec 19 - Firewood - Designer: tamingofthesandshrew - CLOSED / TRADED - Dec. 19 - Firewood 
Dec 20 - Nutcracker - Designer: Necromouser - CLOSED - Lady-Abbington - PAID - Dec. 20 - Nutcracker
Dec 21 - Peppermint - Designer: aquilala - CLOSED - Peppermint
Dec 22 - Cinnamon - Designer: mewhaku - CLOSED - ChubbyCorgi - PAID - Dec. 22 - Cinnamon 
Dec 23 - Poinsettia - Designer: aquilala - CLOSED - cutevulpix56 - PAID - Dec. 23 - Poinsettia
Dec 24 - Jingle - Designer: tamingofthesandshrew - CLOSED - Dec. 24 - Jingle - Lady-Abbington 
Dec 25 - Wish - Designer: tamingofthesandshrew - CLOSED - dessieh - PAID - Dec. 25 - Wish


Any slots left open will go up for flat-sale the day they're uploaded.

By purchasing an adopt, you automatically agree to the Paralogos Terms of Service.
You must also join ParalogosDictionary to successfully buy an adopt!
(This is only to your benefit. We have many fun events for you to participate in with your Paralogos!)
Once inside the group, you'll be able to make a Library Record and participate in earning Ink! 

Paralogos species (c) to me, mewhaku!


Some Examples from our designers:

#104 Cauldron by LogosLibrary #1 Ginkgo by LogosLibrary #89 Firefly by LogosLibrary #67 Necromancer by LogosLibrary #94 Red Milk Snake by LogosLibrary
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Hey mewhaku am i allowed to claim the bonus icon for adopting Firewood even though it was through a trade? Just curious 
mewhaku's avatar
No, that was through a trade- so no bonus icon. This was an incentive to have Paralogos purchased! =P 
PhantomUni-Wolf's avatar
Just checking hun. How much would icons be?
mewhaku's avatar
The prices are on the YCH posting! =) 
PhantomUni-Wolf's avatar
Ill go look at those now thank you :D
mewhaku's avatar
No prob! Link should be at the top area of this description/I updated it earlier. 
Arquerite's avatar
Owner Username :  Arquerite 
Day / Word : Frost (SpeedyDVV)
Method of Payment : Paypal

Owner Username :  Arquerite, for DarlingJess 
Day / Word : Schwiboggen (Necromouser)
Method of Payment : Paypal
Necromouser's avatar
aaa thank you so much for claiming the child! ;;
Please note me your pp so I can invoice you <3
mewhaku's avatar
Wow! Thanks for claiming the last two! 
SpeedyDVV and Necromouser will take care of payments, and please give me a week or so to finish both bonus icons once they're paid for if that's alright! ^^
SpeedyDVV's avatar
Can confirm, Arquerite paid up. So Frost is theirs. :)

Transfer on ToyHouse pending, probably awaiting them to confirm. XD
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Make sure to post on the Trading Post too =) If you haven't!
SpeedyDVV's avatar
I hadn't yet, no. This is my first Paralogos sale, so it slipped my mind entirely.
mewhaku's avatar
You're fine!
cutevulpix56's avatar

Ok, I'd like to get Poinsettia please ;v; 

Owner Username :  cutevulpix56
Day / Word : 23 / Poinsettia
Method of Payment :  Points
mewhaku's avatar
Ok, so I was just about to update this- 

But unfortunately Aquila's tablet broke down ;_; so she needs to delay both Peppermint and Poinsettia. 

If you're alright with waiting / another artist maybe digitizing a traditional doodle from Aquila (aka, me or Mouse most likely making a digital art version of a doodle of the Para by Aquila) then by all means- but yeah! I'm going to contact VeloxAquila and let them know someone is interested in their slot.
You'd need to pay her regardless, so yeah! 
cutevulpix56's avatar
XD Timing

Oh noes!! I know how that is :( I'm fine with whatever you guys wanna do really, I don't mind waiting or anything if that's easier ^^ 

Alrighty! I'll send em once I get the go-ahead <3
mewhaku's avatar
She responded to me over Discord saying she might be able to get Poinsettia to you (with a digitized version from one of us), but wait until she replies to you to get final word. =) 
cutevulpix56's avatar
Alright! Anything works fine with me ^^
mewhaku's avatar
Looks like you've gotten word from Aquila! I'll most likely be doing the digitizing alright? =) 
cutevulpix56's avatar
Alrighty! ^^ Whatever works for you guys is fine with me <33
mewhaku's avatar
So, I've gotten a doodle from Aquila-
Screen+Shot+2016-12-23+at+16.21.36 by mewhaku
And if you like it/the design, I'll do a full render of it for you~ 
(the little 'scales' are the lights)
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Alrighty! I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience but I've figured out a solution for the time being. I'm going to make up a rough sketch before the end of this week and send it to Mew to digitize. I really don't want to keep you waiting so if you could wait until the design is posted to pay, that would be great! I'll try my best to work on pen and paper.
cutevulpix56's avatar
Sweetheart you're fine!! :'D Whatever you wanna do is a-ok with me, really <33 So please don't worry about it >w< I can do whatever <333
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