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[Paralogos] (Closed Species) Reference Guide



EDIT: Would like to clarify something- which I'll edit into the image itself when I can. Essentially, Paralogos center themselves around the essence and/or understood of a word- that's where their design influence comes from. That is also their focus of interest.

They do also love language in general, and also words too, but it is more of a connection to what a word really means, which can be influenced by the language it comes from/how a culture that developed a language sees a term. Good example, the word 'dog' vs. 'inu'. (English / Japanese)

When you say dog to an English speaker, mainly American I'll say here- they might think of a Golden Retriever. When you say 'inu', or when someone from Japan thinks of that term, they may think of a Shiba Inu, which is traditionally a much more common dog in Japan than Golden Retrievers. Does that make sense?


Well they are a word-based species.
Hence most of this is words.

Unlike other species that may be around on DA and elsewhere- I don't have a set of common/uncommon/rare traits for these little ones. 
The context of the word influences the design to a huge degree. I don't plan to restrict features for any word, common (concrete) or abstract (rare). 

Pretty much if anyone is confused, look at other confirmed designs or just ask me about a feature! I'm still figuring some things out myself too.


These are a CLOSED species. You cannot make an official one without my confirmation. 
Honestly just ask me about Make Your Own events and when I'll be opening requests. I'm still getting my feet wet and the group needs more members and Paralogos- so I imagine for a little while at least these little ones will be easy-ish to get!

Like totally, go over to the group and check it out!

List of currently taken words is here


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So, I wondered, is it okay for paralogos to wear accessories?
and if the para was based on a word like 'rhinoceros' or 'unicorn' would horns on the face be allowed?