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[Paralogos Adopt] Celery #251 OTA CLOSED

So we're coming up to #251 on the Masterlist... and we did "Mew" for #151.
So, we made a "Celery" for #251! I'm sorry for bad pokemon references...

This kid is a Level 2 Paralogos, who has an additional silky sort of cape. Their word, is of course, Celery.
Their Level 1 Magic involves the ability for random shoots of celery flowers to appear on the lighter splotches of their body, sometimes switching position.
Apparently, when celery 'bolts', the flavor goes bad... but celery flowers are kind of cute in my opinion!
The colors come from both the plant itself, its leaves, and its root. 
This Paralogos is not related ability/appearance wise to the Pokemon Celebi, we just thought the number reference would be amusing.

This Paralogos is an Offer to Adopt, meaning I'll be looking for the following:
- Points
- Art 
- Other Characters for Trade 

You'll get a version with their cape and without for your use. =) 
Comment here with offers! - CLOSED - SpeedyDVV 

Paralogos are a Closed Species by mewhaku
Please don't make your own without permission!

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holy shit this creature is so cute!