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Holiday Paralogos Auction! (CLOSED)



Many thanks to SpeedyDVV for helping me design these! He did something of the concept work for them and then I went and finalized/polished the designs/drew them up. 

In any case, now that my life may finally be a little less busy, wanted to get back in the game for ParalogosDictionary and draw up some holiday Paralogos! (Well, these are centered around Christmas mainly.)

What are Paralogos you might ask? The species sheet is here!

Paralogos are parasaurolophus-esque creatures that are born as 'blank slates'-- meaning they have no single word or theme to focus upon until they grow older.

Some of these Paralogos are based on more than one word, but only because there isn't an exact single word for that object in the dictionary. Hence the parentheses. They're a special designation of 'tree' or 'cane'. Also every Paralogos has a unique focus- meaning the Reindeer Paralogos here is the only Reindeer Paralogos that will exist!

In any case, these are auction styled!
The winner will also receive the full-res art for their new dino. =P
The last person to bid, if no one else bids for 48hrs, will win the Paralogos!
The winner is also allowed to make small alterations to the design, since I know designs can be kinda complicated!
Currently each Paralogos has their 'lights' on, but they can turn them off, giving off no glow at that point. 

If you are interested in this species or win one of these, please do join up to the group -

If you have questions, ask me!
I'll accept Points or cash through Paypal.
Please respond to the highest bidder on the auction comment I will make for each. 
These are also a closed species. 

1. Fruitcake - CLOSED - Winner: ArekkuHeika

2. (Candy) Cane - CLOSED - Winner: SpeedyDVV

3. Reindeer - CLOSED - Winner deerpuff

4. (Christmas) Tree - CLOSED - Winner: CocoCake121

In any case, hope everyone is having a good end of December!

Paralogos (c) to me, mewhaku!
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Note to all eventual winners:
You're also entitled to my base design, if you wish for it.
They're nowhere near as good as the versions above, since they're mostly hurried designs..
but it can give you an idea of what they originally looked like before Mew did her magic. :)

Please contact me by note after winning an auction if you're interested. :)