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Blink 182

I love Blink182! I'm excited for their new CD to come out - it already released in the UK but it'll be released in America in the morning.

The logo in the circle and on the shirt are the official Blink logos, I definitely am not going to claim them... but I did draw the rabbit and put it all together. Ha, does that count!
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arnt they the people who make the song i wanna f*** a dog in the ass o.o
i like a few of their songs .3.
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They used to do plenty of weird, ragey songs. They're a little bit more toned down now! I like all of their music, they have good rythm and harmonies :D
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This is pretty cool =D
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Rock on, buddy 8D
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sooo awesome i looove the album soo much hehe :D x
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and the new cd is bad ass! i just got it!
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Aah? Are they back together again?

*doesn't hear anything any more*
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WHAT. YES OF COURSE THEY ARE, THEY HAVE BEEN ON TOUR ALL OVER THE US. And they're going to Europe now, I think? The new CD "neighborhoods" is already out in Europe!
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Hah. XD I'd never heard that they'd reunited after the Angels and Airwaves/44whatever things. Have to keep an ear out for this new stuff, then.

It's like high school all over again~
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Oh. Oh man. They did! After Angels and Airwaves they released a new CD, then they broke up for a while, Travis was in a plane accident, Mark had a TV show, Tom was in a movie... and now they're back together!
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badass! i cant wait for the release!
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ME EITHER I am such a sucker for blink
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i totally know how you feel! everything they touch turns to gold
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