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Miles Edgeworth: Now, where were we? You said my life is in danger?

Mr. Hat: Yeah sort of... Um, what was all of that noise out there...?

Miles Edgeworth whispers: There's no need to worry about it. Someone has already died and I absolutely need you to explain everything for the sake of the victim if anyone.

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: It's... Ehh.... She swore to me if I told she would kill someone else >_<

Miles Edgeworth whispers: That is exactly why she must be detained! So you admit she did kill the victim and is threatening you.
Miles Edgeworth whispers: So you witnessed the murder?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: Well, not exactly... Technically, I have no proof that is was her... I didn't witness the murder, and when she was dragging me around she was wearing a mask... I mean, it's her but how do I prove it?

Miles Edgeworth whispers: If she is threatening you, then you must know enough to worry her...
Miles Edgeworth whispers: Why was she dragging you around with her?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: She needed me to move... well, a garbage bag that I'm assuming had the body in it... She told the one person we passed that it was just garbage.

Miles Edgeworth whispers: So you helped her carry the body into the room...
Miles Edgeworth: How did you fingerprints get on the gun?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: She shoved it in my hands before she left

Miles Edgeworth whispers: How did you meet her again?
Miles Edgeworth whispers: Does she have something against you to drag you into this, or were you just unlucky?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: I guess I was just unlucky... She ran into me in the hall, and that's when she started dragging me around...

Miles Edgeworth whispers: Do you know how the floor broke?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: No, not really... She had it set up before I carried the body in.

Miles Edgeworth whispers: Do you know of any connection to her and the victim? Although I don't expect you to know.

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: No, I don't... sorry.

Miles Edgeworth whispers: Is there any other information you think might be beneficial to the case?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: Uhm... *Glances around* No I don't think so...

Miles Edgeworth: By the way... What were you saying about my life being in danger?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth: Ah, no reason... I was just, uh, trying to avoid having to talk but I guess that don't matter now...

Miles Edgeworth whispers: So you really have nothing else to say?

Mr. Hat whispers to Miles Edgeworth:

Miles Edgeworth whispers: Then the case rests on the info you've given me...
Miles Edgeworth exits the room


Amy Prin: ...So, could you guys, I dunno, LET ME OUT OF THESE HANDCUFFS.

Damon Gant: No.
Damon Gant hellstare, making the room go quiet

Wocky Kitaki: is it okay to detain her like that?

Damon Gant slowly turns his neck to look at Wocky,
Damon Gant: Do not question me... boy.

Wocky Kitaki glares at Gant

Damon Gant snaps out of it and smiles, his hand resting on top of the other as if he was about to clap
Damon Gant: Anyway, Miss Prin, how do you know the suspect, Mr. Hat?

Amy Prin: Simple, I don't

Damon Gant: Oh really?

Damon Gant leans over Miss Prin and gives her a harsh, cold stare.
Damon Gant: The tone of your voice says something else... now spill it.

Amy Prin glares back
Amy Prin: I have nothing to spill.

Damon Gant stands straight and stares at Miss Prin for a long time, his face a blank slate in terms of emotion

Amy Prin stares back with an equally cold look

Wocky Kitaki: Alright, enough of the starin' contests,
Wocky Kitaki: we need answers.
Wocky Kitaki looks back at Amy

Damon Gant: Fine then, Mister Kitaki, you try to get some answers if you think you're so good at it.

Wocky Kitaki: So what did ya do when you passed thru that room after you got done talkin' with yer friend?

Amy Prin: The crime scene you mean?

Wocky Kitaki: Yeah, that.

Amy Prin: You where with me the whole time genius, you saw everything I did after I got there.

Wocky Kitaki: I meant after you visited yer friend.

Amy Prin: I was walking to the front door, I passed the room, and I went in to check out the body.

Wocky Kitaki: so what did you do before then? Before you visited your friend.

Amy Prin: How on Earth is that relevant?
Amy Prin sighs
Amy Prin: I got lunch, I did some shopping, and I especially didn't KILL anyone.

Wocky Kitaki: .........
Wocky Kitaki: So, lunch, shoppin', friend visit, stumble across dead body... right?

Amy Prin: Look, you can't keep me detained for running three feet from a door. Let me go before I sue you people.
Amy Prin: And, yeah, I guess.

Sara Komori looks up

Damon Gant still plays with his hair...not caring whether Amy was detained or not, to be blunt.

Amy Prin: LOOK. You people have no basis to detain me! Let me go NOW.

Sara Komori: I have a small question

Wocky Kitaki: Yeah?

Amy Prin glares at Sara

Sara Komori: Er, so who do you believe did it?

Amy Prin: Gee, maybe the guy you have in custody.

Damon Gant: Maybe...

Amy Prin: The real killer by the way, NOT ME.

Damon Gant: Maybe he's just guilty by association.

Wocky Kitaki: Sure does seem fishy when she keeps passin' the blame.

Damon Gant: I have doubts that Mister Hat is evil enough to take a life away from us.
Damon Gant: He seems like such a... serene guy. I don't think he would do that.

Wocky Kitaki: That's kind of a personal opinion though, ain't it?

Sara Komori looks at court record

Amy Prin: Oh give me a BRAKE. You have me locked up for no good reason! You think I wouldn't be keen on trying to look innocent!

Damon Gant: Ah but you have

Miles Edgeworth walks in

Wocky Kitaki freezes
Wocky Kitaki: Ohey, 'sup Edgey.

Miles Edgeworth: Miss Prin, I am now confident you know Mr. Hat. It's time for you to stop pretending.

Sara Komori looks up again

Amy Prin: ...*Sighs*

Miles Edgeworth: Ah, Mr.Kitaki, can you tell me what you happened while I was away?

Amy Prin: Look... If you let me go I'll give you some evidence, and confess...

Wocky Kitaki: Uhh...

Miles Edgeworth: Why do you need to be freed to explain yourself?

Amy Prin: Because these things itch.

Damon Gant: I was thinking the same, Worthy ol' boy.
Damon Gant: So?
Damon Gant: Metal shouldn't itch.

Amy Prin: You'd be amazed.

Wocky Kitaki: We can't prove anythin' yet,
Wocky Kitaki: so it's kinda... illegal, I think, to detain her
Wocky Kitaki: know what I'm sayin'?

Amy Prin: It's also worth mentioning that I can get evidence with no hands.

Miles Edgeworth: We don't have proof she killed him yet, we should take the handcuffs off...

Amy Prin: 'Bout time.

Damon Gant: I have my suspicions.
DamonGant explains how it was suspicious of Miss Prin to be such a "kissass" when he arrived on the scene, while Mr. Kitaki stayed his distance (as per expected).
DamonGant: So her trying to get on my good side was suspicious.

Amy Prin: Suspicions aren't usable evidence.

Miles Edgeworth: She won't be escaping so easily though.
Miles Edgeworth: Chief, if you would?  I'd like to see this evidence...

Wocky Kitaki: she can't leave the room, though
Wocky Kitaki: so if need be, she can be detained again

Damon Gant reluctantly takes of Miss Prin's handcuffs

Amy Prin rubs wrists
Amy Prin: Finally... Now then,
Amy Prin reaches into her bag, "I have something for you, Mr. Edgeworth..."
Amy Prin pulls out a handgun
Amy Prin: These bullets are just for you. ^_^

Damon Gant draws his pistol and points it at Miss Prin
Damon Gant: Don't you dare.

Wocky Kitaki takes out his handgun

Sara Komori: H-Hey..!

Amy Prin: Aw, but I really want too.

Sara Komori didn't bring a weapon

Damon Gant moves to where he stands in front of Edgeworth

Sara Komori puts up her fists out of the lack of weapons

Amy Prin sighs, "Fine then." Re-aims at Sara and fires

Wocky Kitaki shoves Sara out of the way

Damon Gant pulls the trigger, aiming for Miss Prin's shoulder

Sara Komori: W-Wocky!

Amy Prin: Frick!
Amy Prin grabs shoulder

Damon Gant quickly detains Miss Prin

Amy Prin: S..stil worth it...

Damon Gant politely dresses her wound quickly

Miles Edgeworth: Miss Komori, Mr. Kitaki, are you alright!?

Sara Komori: E-Er I'm fine
Sara Komori is shocked from the gun still

Wocky Kitaki: I-I'm fine...

Damon Gant looks at Wocky's wounds

Wocky Kitaki covers his shoulder
Wocky Kitaki: Nah, I'm a'ight

Miles Edgeworth: It looks like the gunshot hit you...You should see a doctor.

Wocky Kitaki: Been hurt worse 'n this

Damon Gant moves Wocky's hand

Wocky Kitaki cringes from the pain

Sara Komori feels guilty now

Damon Gant dresses the wound

Wocky Kitaki: I never leave a lady in trouble, know what I'm sayin'?

Damon Gant nods silently and stands once he finishes, tucking his gloves into his coat pocket

Sara Komori: I-I was perfectly fine..!

Miles Edgeworth: Chief Gant, you'll be taking Ms Prin in, right?

Wocky Kitaki tries to move his arm, but the pain makes him stop

Damon Gant looks Sara over and nods at Edgeworth's statement

Wocky Kitaki: She was gonna shoot you, Sara
Wocky Kitaki: I couldn't let her do that

Damon Gant: We'll take her in and do what we can to get her to fess up.

Miles Edgeworth: The gun was probably the murder weapon...

Damon Gant: It possibly was.

Wocky Kitaki: y-yah, probably

Sara Komori looks down in guilt anyway

Miles Edgeworth: ...It's a bit odd she had so many guns...

Wocky Kitaki: Mebbe she stole 'em?

Sara Komori: PEW PEW EPW

Miles Edgeworth: Erm, anyway, I'll take you to the hospital, Mr.Kitaki.

Sara Komori plays too many video games

Wocky Kitaki: nah man, don't worry 'bout me

Miles Edgeworth: We need the bullet.

Wocky Kitaki: nah, I'll be fine

Miles Edgeworth: As I said, it's not so much about you as the case...

Wocky Kitaki: O-oh yah...

Miles Edgeworth: That bullet will help prove the gun was the murder weapon.
Miles Edgeworth: If it is so.

Wocky Kitaki: Can we not go to a hospital, though?

Miles Edgeworth: Don't worry, I know a fine doctor. He helped a friend of mine when she was shot in the shoulder, much like you.

Wocky Kitaki: oh?

Damon Gant grins as Edgeworth mentions Mr. von Karma

Sara Komori feels like she knows about that case

Miles Edgeworth: Now come with me. While we go, I can start preparing your testimony for the upcoming trial I know to expect.

Sara Komori shrugs

Damon Gant carefully picks Wocky up

Wocky Kitaki: Hey!

Sara Komori: ...

Miles Edgeworth: Miss Komori, if you need a ride I can take you home, too.

Sara Komori: Bleh, no way I'm old enough to have a ride!
Sara Komori hesitates leaving

Damon Gant looks at Wocky, "Since you're hurt, I'll carry you that way you don't injure your arm further."

Wocky Kitaki: Hey! Put me down! Man, I can walk just fine!

Miles Edgeworth: Chief Gant, you need to ensure Ms. Prin gets questioned and everything smoothly.

Miles Edgeworth: Don't worry, I can handle Mr. Kitaki.

Damon Gant nods and sets Wocky down and takes Amy Prin away

Miles Edgeworth: Now then, we'd best be going...

Wocky Kitaki: Yeah.

Sara Komori: Uh, I'll come with you!

Miles Edgeworth nods and helps Wocky out the door, with Sara following close behind.

Finally! I'm so happy we finally finished this~

Alrighty, in this chapter, the killer is caught, someone is shot, and Sara plays lots of video games.

Near the end, I must say, it's surprising how nice Gant is .w. I mean, It's been a long time since I've played Raise from the Ashes, but I don't recall him being that nice.
Also, I can't begin to tell how how much fun I had playing Amy near the end |D Oh wait, I can tell you, a very concerning amount of fun ;w; I'd tell you why, but as far as I know you haven't read the story yet, and spoilers 'n such...

But, I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and thank you everyone who joined in the rp~ :heart:

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Part 8: Your here :0

Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Damon Gant played by :iconpsycho-pheonix:

Sara Komori played by :iconsparklingseasons:

Amy Prin and Mr. Hat played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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Ohmanohman, this was soooooooooooooooooo much fun. >w< :heart: I had a blast, despite the interruptions and the (sometimes) long wait between each session.
Sorry 'bout goin' on with my heroic scene, but I loved that scene so much I wanted it to be shown the same way it happened. .w.

But man, we gotta do another RP like this sometime soon. :D Mebbe not right away, but definitely sometime in the near Future. BeforeOctober,lol OOH, since Edgey said he most likely won't be in the next one, we should get Wright to join in. That'll certainly make things interesting, LOL. :rofl: