AAIC: Framed Turnabout pt. 7

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Miles Edgeworth: Mr. Hat, do you know this lady?

Wocky Kitaki: 'Sup Mr. Hat

Amy Prin glares at Hat

Sara Komori waves

Mr. Hat: Uh, n-no >_>

Miles Edgeworth: Hm...
Miles Edgeworth: Miss Prin, everyone, please leave.

Wocky Kitaki: D:

Amy Prin: :T Fine

Wocky Kitaki: Why? :c

Damon Gant: Including me?

Sara Komori: I-I just got here and you're getting rid of me already?! D:

Miles Edgeworth: I think I'll need to talk to Mr. Hat, myself. I think something suspicious is going on.

Sara Komori: ...mmph. Fine...

Wocky Kitaki: ..............

Sara Komori lurks out into the hallway

Wocky Kitaki very reluctantly goes to the hallway

Damon Gant follows

Miles Edgeworth: Alright, Mr. Hat, I know you know Miss Prin.
Miles Edgeworth glare

Sara Komori puts a cup to the door thing >v>

Mr. Hat: I'm sorry; Mr. Edgeworth, but I can't tell you anything.

Wocky Kitaki: lemme listen, Sara

Miles Edgeworth: Your life is at stake.  You need to tell me everything you can.

Mr. Hat: Your life is as much as stake as mine.

Sara Komori: Bleh I wanna listen! D:<

Amy Prin puts her ear to the door

Sara Komori reluctantly gives cup to Wocky

Wocky Kitaki: Yay >w<

Sara Komori looks up to Amy

Wocky Kitaki takes cup and tries to listen in on the convo <____<

Sara Komori: Would you mind telling me what you have to do with this case? I'm a little lost here...

Amy Prin: I'm a "witness" apparently.

Miles Edgeworth: Just a second, Mr. Hat...

Miles Edgeworth temporarily exits room

Wocky Kitaki: D8
Wocky Kitaki quickly hides cup

Amy Prin runs from door

Wocky Kitaki: 'Sup, Edgey c:

Sara Komori: uh...

Miles Edgeworth: Don't let her get away!

Damon Gant tackles Amy

Amy Prin: ffff-

Sara Komori tries to grab Amy's arms

Damon Gant handcuffs her

Wocky Kitaki: D:

Amy Prin: D< Hey come on! You're all in as much trouble as me!

Miles Edgeworth: This was a surprising change of events o:

Damon Gant takes her back

Amy Prin struggles

Damon Gant: You're temporarily detained

Amy Prin: No fair! You where all listening!

Damon Gant: For trying to run from a case.
Damon Gant: I wasn't.

Miles Edgeworth: Thank you Chief Gant.

Amy Prin: W-well they were!

Wocky Kitaki: Nuh-uh
Wocky Kitaki hands behind his back

Sara Komori: ...I'm just so confused of the whole case
Sara Komori tries to make an excuse

Damon Gant keeps Amy in custody

Amy Prin: Come on! Since when is listening in on a conversation a crime!?

Miles Edgeworth: They are my assistants.

Amy Prin: Yeah, but you told them to leave, same as me!

Damon Gant: You ran.

Miles Edgeworth: Your crime was running away actually o:

Sara Komori doesn't like the tension in the hallway

Damon Gant glares hellishly at Amy

Amy Prin: I ran AWAY FROM THE DOOR. That's all! I was a few yards away!

Damon Gant is suddenly demonic Gant
Damon Gant: You. Still. Ran.

Miles Edgeworth: Right...well if all of you could stay out here and not listen...

Wocky Kitaki: M'kay c:

Amy Prin flips Gant off behind her back >:T

Miles Edgeworth: Maybe you can question Miss Prin for more details, as I'm sure she knows Mr. Hat and possibly the victim.

Damon Gant smacks Amy
Damon Gant: :T
Damon Gant: No.

Sara Komori: Can't I at least have some understanding of the case?! D:

Miles Edgeworth: Sorry Miss Komori, here.
Miles Edgeworth hands details about the case
Miles Edgeworth: I hope this will help you understand everything.

Sara Komori reads

Miles Edgeworth: Chief Gant, can you lead the questioning since Mr. Kitaki had to leave for a moment?
Miles Edgeworth: My talk with Mr. Hat shouldn't be long.

Damon Gant: Uh, sure.

Miles Edgeworth: Alright then...

Damon Gant questions people 8I

Miles Edgeworth returns to the room
Part 7 is here, and more crap happens.

In this part, the team heads back over to the detention center, I rp Hat crappily more, and Amy is arrested!
For eavesdropping and running away. ... I don't get it ether.

Also, part 8 wont be up until all of us can get together and rp again, so it'll be a bit of a wait ;w;

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Part 7: Your here :0
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Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Damon Gant played by :iconpsycho-pheonix:

Sara Komori played by :iconsparklingseasons:

Amy Prin played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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Lol, that was a real funny part. :rofl: For the eavedroppin' thing, Sara started it, so naturally I argued with her about wantin' to spy, too. That's all. :XD:For the runnin' away part, I think Edgey misunderstood ya.
(I'm curious as to the thing with me "leaving for a minute"; I only brb'd and thought Edgey would wait. :I)