AAIC: Framed Turnabout pt. 6

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Miles Edgeworth: Mr. Kitaki, you've finished investigating, right?

Wocky: Yah, there's the two weapons and the note for evidence

Miles Edgeworth: Miss Prin, what time does this law firm open?

Amy Prin: Uhh, I think they're open all day,
Amy Prin: Fact, we should probably tell them there's been a murder.

Miles Edgeworth: I'm surprised they wouldn't know...

Amy Prin: I suppose

Miles Edgeworth: There was a dead body on the floor for some time.  What room was it in?

Amy Prin: The one above us, obviously

Miles Edgeworth: Right, I suppose it would be best to go to this room now...They probably would have heard the crash.

Wocky: They might have some detectives or somethin' who can help with the investigation, too

Miles Edgeworth: Perhaps...

Wocky: Hey Edgey, don't you usually have a detective with ya?
Wocky: what's his name... Gumshoe?

Miles Edgeworth: Gumshoe isn't with us at the momen--Ah! Chief Gant! I didn't expect you to be here.

Amy Prin: <_< Chief? Wow

Wocky looks over at Gant and tries to make himself not look suspicious

Damon Gant: Hello Little Worthy! ^^ And Gumshoe is going to be a bit late, so I thought I'd drop by to start the investigation.
Damon Gant smiles characteristically

Miles Edgeworth: Please show respect to the Chief of Police, Miss Prin

Amy Prin: Ah, yes, nice to meet you, Mr. Chief of Police!

Wocky Kitaki: ch... Chief of police...?.

Damon Gant: Chief Gant is all you need to call me, Miss Prin.
Damon Gant takes Miss Prin's hand and kisses the back of her hand politely

Amy Prin: Sure thing, Chief Gant~

Miles Edgeworth: Do you need the details of the murder, sir?

Damon Gant: Yes, Worthy, I do.
Damon Gant stares

Miles Edgeworth: Wocky, please explain everything.

Wocky Kitaki looks at Gant again
Wocky Kitaki: er...
Wocky Kitaki: well, we found the body about 30 minutes ago now...

Damon Gant stares intensely at Wocky

Wocky Kitaki: Ah... the victim was an FBI agent
Wocky Kitaki: he was shot in the chest by a .45 caliber handgun
Wocky Kitaki: there was a note found in the victim's pocket
Wocky Kitaki: the word "HAT" was written on it in blood-

Miles Edgeworth: Mr. Kitaki! >_>
Miles Edgeworth: Ahem... The victim was shot in the head, I believe,
Miles Edgeworth: and died instantaneously.

Damon Gant: Go on, Worthy

Miles Edgeworth: We were about to go upstairs and check for witness accounts.  Neither of us heard a gunshot, so we believe the victim was murdered outside the building.
Miles Edgeworth: Or Mr. Hat may have just been an unlucky scapegoat.

Wocky Kitaki: yah, there's a chance it was a premeditated murder, to frame Mr. Hat

Damon Gant takes out a pad of paper and marks on it

Wocky Kitaki: Oh yea, the victim had a gun on his person, but it wasn't the murder weapon
Wocky Kitaki: there was a .45 caliber hidden behind a couch bearin' Mr Hat's prints

Damon Gant: Forty-five caliber pistols are very common.
Damon Gant: They're small enough to hide.

Wocky Kitaki: Yah, there's no guarantee it's the murder weapon

Miles Edgeworth: If the victim had his gun, maybe he didn't have a chance to fight back.

Wocky Kitaki: I'm thinkin'...
Wocky Kitaki: the victim may have known the killer, so the victim let down his guard
Wocky Kitaki: know what I'm sayin'?

Damon Gant: You better not be making up details.

Miles Edgeworth: Did you mention Mr. Hat's fingerprints were on one of the guns?

Wocky Kitaki: Yah, I did, Edgey
Wocky Kitaki: I ain't makin' up details :T

*   *   *   *   *

Miles Edgeworth asks various people if they heard a gunshot or saw anything suspicious happening

Amy Prin follows

Damon Gant follows Miles and writes down details

Wocky Kitaki tries to distance himself from Gant .___.

*   *   *   *   *

Miles Edgeworth: According to the people who work here, Mr. Hat was seen with a young girl with a rather large ponytail...
Miles Edgeworth: I think I may need to visit Mr. Hat again soon.
Miles Edgeworth: But first...Miss Prin please come with me.
Miles Edgeworth walks to the people he just talked to and asks if Miss Prin is the person they saw with Mr. Hat

Damon Gant follows Edgeworth


Amy Prin is apparently the person who was with Hat

Miles Edgeworth: Miss Prin, can you explain this?

Amy Prin: ...Frankly, no
Amy Prin: I guess there were two people in here with giant ponytails

Miles Edgeworth: I guess we'll all be visiting the Detention Center, then.
Miles Edgeworth: Miss Komori, you decided to join us today?

Sara Komori: I came here as soon as I could!

Miles Edgeworth: Should I ask how you found me?

Sara Komori: ...
Sara Komori: No

Damon Gant: Tell him.
Damon Gant stares at Sara
Damon Gant: ........

Sara Komori DDD:

Damon Gant: ...............

Miles Edgeworth: That's not important at the moment, let's go visit Mr. Hat!

Damon Gant the fires of hell show in his eyes

Sara Komori: Y-yeah!
...Wow. Part 6. I need to start making these parts longer.

Anywho, this chapter the plot picks up again, we are joined by the ever terrifying Damon Gant, and by Sara.
Next Chapt- wait. Why am I calling these chapters? I mean, come on, these things are way to short to be chapters. =_= *ahem* In the next part more crap happens, so please bare with us ;w;

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Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Damon Gant played by :iconpsycho-pheonix:

Sara Komori played by :iconsparklingseasons:

Amy Prin played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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I'm excited to finish this ;w; I hope we'll all meet up in time soon