AAIC: Framed Turnabout pt. 5

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Miles Edgeworth checks the hole to figure out why the ceiling collapsed

Wocky Kitaki joins Edgeworth in the investigation

Amy Prin sits back and watches closely
Amy Prin: Looks like someone sawed the ceiling so it would specifically fall.

Wocky Kitaki: hmm...
Wocky Kitaki: but how would they know the victim would fall thru in three hours?
Wocky Kitaki: or was that just coincidence?

Amy Prin: I dunno, maybe the body wasn't up there the whole time

Wocky Kitaki: Kinda strange for a hole to be made like that before the victim was there

Miles Edgeworth: We didn't hear the gunshot, so we can probably guess the victim wasn't killed here.

Wocky Kitaki: Oh wait!
Wocky Kitaki: Maybe the hole WAS made before the victim was moved,
Wocky Kitaki: cause the victim was killed elsewhere,
Wocky Kitaki: like... um, premeditated murder.

Miles Edgeworth: That's a plausible theory.

Wocky Kitaki: But it had to have been made long before Edgey and I were here
Wocky Kitaki: cause we didn't hear anythin' suspicious

Amy Prin: Probably.

Wocky Kitaki: So that makes it even more suspicious :T

Miles Edgeworth: Ms Prin, was your friend here when you came?

Amy Prin: Yeah, I said hi, we chatted for a sec, and then I passed this room on my way out.

Miles Edgeworth: What did you do for the rest of the hour before you came here?

Amy Prin: What? Oh, uhh.... I explored the building, it's a pretty big place, and I don't come here very often

Miles Edgeworth: How do you know your friend?

Amy Prin: I met her at a party, and we kinda got along, so she told me where she worked and said to visit some time.

Miles Edgeworth: What is this job?

Amy Prin: She works as a lawyer for the company above us

Miles Edgeworth: I see...

Amy Prin: So, uh, any idea what an FBI agent is doing here anyway?
Amy Prin: I mean I doubt the killer went out of his way to find this guy, kill him, and bring him here.

Wocky Kitaki: there is a chance
Wocky Kitaki: cause of the whole "premeditated murder" thing

Amy Prin: But, wouldn't that be hard?

Wocky Kitaki: how?

Miles Edgeworth: It is odd that they would bring the body to a law firm.

Wocky Kitaki: Yah, true dat

Amy Prin: Maybe the killer had a helper

Wocky Kitaki: the killer also knew Mr. Hat was here
Wocky Kitaki: so maybe that's why the body was moved here.

Amy Prin: That is, assuming that this Mr. Hat guy isn't the killer. I mean come on, the evidence all points to him.

Wocky Kitaki: Come on, there's no way Mr. Hat did that!

Amy Prin: Maybe you know less about this guy then you think
Amy Prin: I mean the note and the gun point to him

Wocky Kitaki: ...

Miles Edgeworth: Can you explain, Mr. Kitaki?

Wocky Kitaki: well...

Wocky Kitaki: First of all, the murder wasn't immediate
Wocky Kitaki: Mr. Hat was here with us when the body fell thru the ceiling

Amy Prin: But you said the guy left the room a lot

Wocky Kitaki: Mr. Hat kept leaving more recent than that
Wocky Kitaki: Edgey determined the victim had died three hours previous

Amy Prin: But once again, the killer might have had help

Wocky Kitaki: the hole in the ceiling was man-made
Wocky Kitaki: but had to have been there many hours before

Amy Prin: Maybe he made it ahead of time

Wocky Kitaki: So the victim was killed elsewhere and moved to the second floor
Wocky Kitaki: someone moved him, I mean
Wocky Kitaki: Edgey, what did you find out from Mr. Hat?

Miles Edgeworth: Uhh...*shows flowers*

Wocky Kitaki: ...

Miles Edgeworth: He wanted to give these to someone.

Wocky Kitaki: Who?

Miles Edgeworth: The person isn't related to the case I believe.  He didn't really want me to tell the details.

Wocky Kitaki: hmm...

Miles Edgeworth studies the flowers for clues

Wocky Kitaki: So what was Mr. Hat doing before he was here with us?

Amy Prin: Cutting a hole in the ceiling, if I had to guess

Miles Edgeworth: If we guess the hole was cut before the murder, then that wouldn't be the case.

Amy Prin: What do you mean?

Miles Edgeworth: We never noticed a hole being cut through the ceiling in the time we were here.
Miles Edgeworth: We were here at least three hours, wouldn't you say Mr.Kitaki?

Wocky Kitaki: Yah, somethin' like that

Miles Edgeworth: So the hole was cut before we came, also before the murder.

Amy Prin: ...Yeah, so? Who's to say he didn't do it ahead of time?

Wocky Kitaki: I have a question
Wocky Kitaki: if Mr. Hat did kill the victim, why would he set it up so he'd be blamed for it three hours later?

Miles Edgeworth: AH Mr. Kitaki!

Wocky Kitaki: What?

Miles Edgeworth: Where was the note found on the victim?

Wocky Kitaki: In his pocket

Miles Edgeworth: Oh

Wocky Kitaki: What?

Miles Edgeworth: Where was he shot?

Wocky Kitaki checks his investigation notes

Amy Prin: The guy was shot in the head, duh

Miles Edgeworth: So an instantaneous death?

Amy Prin: I'd guess

Wocky Kitaki: sounds like it

Miles Edgeworth: Was it his blood used to write the note?

Amy Prin: Probably
Amy Prin: Unless the killer felt like using his own blood.
Amy Prin: ...Look, fancy dude, if you're going to make a point, cut to the chase. I don't wanna spend all day here.

Miles Edgeworth: Right....The note wasn't written by the victim. >_>
Miles Edgeworth: Someone else wrote Mr. Hat's name.

Amy Prin: Maybe the accomplice did

Miles Edgeworth: We have no reason to believe there was an accomplice, yet.

Amy Prin: Bleh, whatever.
Amy Prin: Like I said, get to the point, if you have one.
So uhh... yes. Part 5. It's, uh, a bit longer then the others.
Yeah nothing real special happens in this part ._. Maybe that's why it's so long, I'm using it as filler. Since everything in it is filler.
So... yeah.

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Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Amy Prin played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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Lol, we have a filler in the investigation. :laughing: One thing I notised durin' all this, was when I'd asked about why Mr Hot would intentionally set himself up, no one really responded to that. :confused: Ah well, guess it wasn't all that important. Dunno. :shrug:

Anyway, I looked at my schedule again tonite, and I'm off Mon, Tues and Fri only. Gettin' lotsa hours this week. :D So I'll definitely be on iS tomorrow afternoon and wait to continue the RP. :D