AAIC: Framed Turnabout pt. 4

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Miles Edgeworth: There was a murder here, and we need to check fingerprints and blood.

Ema Skye: okay
Ema Skye: let me check them

Amy Prin: >_> <_<

Ema Skye serious face
Ema Skye: Alright, I think I've found a few things. Give me some more time to compare them.

Amy Prin: Whoa, what's that? *Points to a gun behind a chair*

Wocky Kitaki: D:
Wocky Kitaki goes to look at the gun

Miles Edgeworth: That could be the murder weapon. Wocky, would to take a look?
Miles Edgeworth: Anyway, do we have an analysis complete for fingerprints and the blood?

Ema Skye: Not yet >T
Ema Skye: ...
Ema Skye: The fingerprints are cool looking

Amy Prin: ...So, should I like go get the gun or what?

Wocky Kitaki is looking at the gun

Ema Skye: What the hell am I supposed say, Mr. Edgeworth? =A= I don't know who these belong to without any further examination

Amy Prin joins Wocky

Wocky Kitaki: There may be fingerprints on this gun, too

Amy Prin: Hey, you guys have someone in custody, right?

Miles Edgeworth: Hmm...I guess we should test them by Miss Prin and Mr. Hat...

Wocky Kitaki: Yah, man, Mr. Hat is in the detention center

Amy Prin: Huh, then you should compare the figure prints with him obviously

Miles Edgeworth: First, can you tell me who this friend you were visiting is?

Wocky Kitaki: can't leave any stones unturned, know what I'm sayin'?

Amy Prin: Uhm, Violet Rose, she got off work a bit ago

Miles Edgeworth: Where does she work?

Amy Prin: On the second floor. She doesn't have a cell phone though, so I can't call her or anything

Miles Edgeworth: Do you know her home phone number?

Amy Prin: ...No actually.
Amy Prin: She's more like a casual friend, someone you don't know super well, but like to talk to every now and then

Miles Edgeworth: Well, the place she works should have her phone number and address...
Iris-: we could find any relatives or friends who knows about her and the common places she goes to :I

Amy Prin: But this is irrelevant right? You should focus on the finger prints.

Miles Edgeworth: We need to check that you really visited at that time.

Amy Prin: Yeah I guess...

Miles Edgeworth: we have any information from forensics?

Wocky Kitaki: Um, well...
Wocky Kitaki: Accordin' to the comparison, Mr. Hat's prints matched the gun
Wocky Kitaki: this one behind the couch

Amy Prin: There you go then, the other guys the killer! See? Told ya I was innocent~

Miles Edgeworth:  We need confirmation this is the murder weapon. ._.

Wocky Kitaki: Yah, just 'cause his prints are on a gun,
Wocky Kitaki: That dun mean it's the murder weapon

Miles Edgeworth: We still need details on the other gun and the blood used to write the note.

Amy Prin: Meh, fine.

Miles Edgeworth: We also need to check your alibi.

Amy Prin: Hmph, do you honestly think we have time for that? I mean, an FBI agent was killed! What if the killer is still in the building, waiting to kill again? Think of how much time you would waste checking me out!

Miles Edgeworth: The most likely suspect is already in jail as you have previously pointed out. =_=

Wocky Kitaki: true dat c:

Miles Edgeworth: You are just as suspicious as anyone here.

Amy Prin: fff- you got me there.
Amy Prin's HP bar goes down .w.;
OTL Sorry this was so late, I haven't gotten a lot of chances to get on the computer today. But, better late then never I suppose.

Anyway, in this part we find the murder weapon, Ema appears just long enough to be convenient to the plot, and Amy is as unsuspicious as ever.

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Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Ema played by: :iconstatuspickle: / :iconsb11:

Amy Prin played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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I can help with editing, Mr Hot~ :D

Oh, um... awesome that you got the 4th part up; I enjoyed readin' it again. :aww: Definitely excited to continue with the RP when we're able to. C: