AAIC: Framed Turnabout pt. 3

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Maya Fey-: Isn't it suspicious,
Maya Fey-: That she didn't freak out at all even though she saw a dead body?

Wocky Kitaki-: ...
Wocky Kitaki- decides not to say anything about the amount of suspicion

Amy Prin shrugs
Amy Prin: People see dead bodies on tv all the time, why should one in real life be more special?

Wocky Kitaki-: Uhh... because it's the real thing here.

Amy Prin: I guess, heck if I know why I'm not freaking out.
Amy Prin sits back and watches

Miles Edgeworth: I've returned Mr. Kitaki
Miles Edgeworth: Do you have any evidence?

Wocky Kitaki-: Hey, Edgeworth c:

Amy Prin notices Edgeworth

Wocky Kitaki-: Yah, I got some notes

Amy Prin points to Edgeworths suit
Amy Prin: Fancy much? ._.

Wocky Kitaki-: Got a person I need to question, too.

Miles Edgeworth: Who is this?

Wocky Kitaki- points to Amy
Wocky Kitaki-: Her name is Amy Prin
Wocky Kitaki-: Ain't been able to find out anythin' more yet

Miles Edgeworth: Miss Prin? Why are you here?

Amy Prin: I saw the body, and I was like "WOAH A BODY," so I checked it out.

Miles Edgeworth: What made you come into this room, though?

Amy Prin: I just said, the body

Miles Edgeworth: I am going to presume you can't see through walls.

Amy Prin: No, dude the door was open

Miles Edgeworth: Right...

Amy Prin: You know, shouldn't you guys like, call the police or something?

Miles Edgeworth: She has a point :l

Wocky Kitaki-: I ain't callin' no cops :T
Wocky Kitaki- is a G

Miles Edgeworth calls the cops

Amy Prin: So, are you British or something? Cuz' you really don't sound British enough to be wearing that get up...

Miles Edgeworth: That's not important right now.

Amy Prin: I don't see why not, it's not like anything specials going on this second.

Miles Edgeworth: =A= Someone was murdered...
Miles Edgeworth: Mr.Kitaki!

Wocky Kitaki-: Wha?

Miles Edgeworth: Didn't you find any evidence.

Wocky Kitaki: Yah, I found a couple things,
Wocky Kitaki: but mostly got some notes

Miles Edgeworth: Oh? Please read them off to me.

Wocky Kitaki: well, first of all...
Wocky Kitaki: the victim is an FBI agent

Miles Edgeworth: Go on...

Wocky Kitaki: the victim's name is Norman Edwards
Wocky Kitaki: he was shot by a .45 caliber
Wocky Kitaki: he had a gun on his person, but it's not the same as the gunshot wound
Wocky Kitaki points to the gun

Miles Edgeworth: Hmm...

Wocky Kitaki: there may be fingerprints on the gun, so I didn't touch it
Wocky Kitaki: there was also the paper with the bloody note
Wocky Kitaki: it needs to be analyzed
Wocky Kitaki: the victim fell thru the ceiling, but we don't know how long the body was up there
Wocky Kitaki: he coulda been there for 10 minutes, or fell thru immediately after bein' shot
Wocky Kitaki shrugs

Miles Edgeworth: Well, I can check the body for rigor mortis to estimate when he died...

Wocky Kitaki: m'kay

Amy Prin: If he was shot as soon as he fell in, wouldn't you guys have heard the gunshot?

Miles Edgeworth: but it would really help if we had someone who specialized in forensics...

Wocky Kitaki: we really need Ema here

Miles Edgeworth checks the body

Wocky Kitaki: got an idea of when the victim died?

Miles Edgeworth: I would estimate about three hours.

Wocky Kitaki: Dizzam, three hours

Amy Prin: Wow, so he's like, been above you guys for awhile

Wocky Kitaki: so it couldn't have been when Mr. Hat kept leavin' earlier

Miles Edgeworth: We should check upstairs.  We need to know how the ceiling collapsed in the first place.

Wocky Kitaki: Yeah, true dat

Amy Prin: I'll come with you guys

Wocky Kitaki nudges Edgeworth
Wocky Kitaki: Hey Edgeworth, should we let this lady come with us?

Miles Edgeworth: I'd like you to follow, more because you are a suspect and we shouldn't let you out of our sight

Wocky Kitaki: good point =w=

Amy Prin: Suspect!? Oh come on, I just got here!

Wocky Kitaki: but why did you come here?

Miles Edgeworth: You just entered the room.  The victim wasn't killed in this room, though.
Miles Edgeworth: There's reason to believe he wasn't even killed nearby.

Amy Prin: Pish-aw! You guys are nuts. I'm just a little girl, girls aren't killers!

Wocky Kitaki: :

Miles Edgeworth: I have seen plenty of female killers in my time as a prosecutor. :l

Wocky Kitaki: Yeah, I dun think bein' a chick excludes ya from anything

Amy Prin: ....W-well, I still didn't kill him >T

Miles Edgeworth: Please explain to me what you have done today.

Amy Prin: >_> Alrighty, let's see here.... I went to lunch around 12:00PM(assume it's 3pm), then at like 2 or so I came here to visit a friend.

Wocky Kitaki listens to Amy's testimony

Miles Edgeworth: AH Miss Skye! You were just the person I wanted to see! :D

Wocky Kitaki: :D

Amy Prin: Sup kid c:

Ema: Yes?
Amy Prin everyone. Isn't she so unsuspicious? |D
But yeah, mostly in this chapter we re-cap what we know about the victim, we learn that Amy is about as suspicious as a train wreck on a boat, and that Ema showed up because the plot told her too for some reason. Fun fun fun fun, looking forward to the resolution~

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Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Maya Fey played by :iconkimchiartist:

Ema played by: :iconstatuspickle: / :iconsb11:

Amy Prin played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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Hm, i wonder who did it if not Mister Hat, and why the FBI was involved...