AAIC: Framed Turnabout pt. 2

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Miles Edgeworth: Alright Mr. Hat, can you tell me where you were when you left the room those few times earlier?

Mr. Hat: Ah, w-well....
Mr. Hat: Ah, y-yes, I went to the restroom, all of those times!

Miles Edgeworth: Mr. Hat, this is very hard to believe.  If it were so simple, you wouldn't have taken that long to answer.
Miles Edgeworth: Now please, be honest with me.

Mr. Hat: *Sighs* W-well... It's rather embarrassing to be honest >_>

Miles Edgeworth: As serious as this is, I don't think you should worry about getting embarrassed.

Mr. Hat: ...Would it be possible for you to take my word when I say I didn't do it...?

Miles Edgeworth: I'm sorry, but the law doesn't work that way.
Miles Edgeworth: If you don't answer my question, it will be seen as suspicious. Can you please answer now?

Mr. Hat: .....Alright. But promise me you will keep this as secret as possible, if the wrong person finds out about this, I could be in a bit of trouble.

Miles Edgeworth: I promise I'll keep the information as discreet as possible.

Mr. Hat: I was out, erm, trying to find Viola, so I could give her some flowers....

Miles Edgeworth: Flowers for Viola? Why were you going to give flowers to Miss Cadaverini?

Mr. Hat: W-well, as odd as this may sound, she has, *ahem* "caught my eye"... *awkwardturtle*

Miles Edgeworth: I see....Did you see Miss Viola in the lobby, then?

Mr. Hat whispers: Ah, no actually, despite my best efforts, I failed to find her each time I went out...

Miles Edgeworth: Would you happen to have the flowers with you?

Mr. Hat: *Takes top hat off* Ahem, I realize it's odd, but here... *Pulls a bouquet out of hat*

Miles Edgeworth: Ah, no that's not odd, I'm sure she would have been pleased.
Miles Edgeworth: Did you hear a gunshot while you were in the lobby?

Mr. Hat: No, I didn't hear anything.

Miles Edgeworth: Do you have any other information that may help with this investigation?

Mr. Hat: *Looks away* W-well, this is one other thing...

Miles Edgeworth: Yes?

Mr. Hat: As I was walking back to the room again, a man ran passed me in a hurry... I hate to admit it, but thinking about it, that may have been the murderer... and I let him get away.

Miles Edgeworth: What did this man look like?

Mr. Hat: I don't recall very well, as I said, he was in a hurry. But I do remember that he had black hair, and he was wearing a black coat.

Miles Edgeworth: Hmm...Well, there's also the possibility you may have seen the victim...I guess that's all I have to ask you for now. Thank you for this information.
Miles Edgeworth: Oh! Might you know the victim?

Mr. Hat: Ah, n-no, I don't believe so...
Mr. Hat: Um, Mr. Edgeworth, may I ask you something?

Miles Edgeworth: In a second,
Miles Edgeworth: I have a phone call...
Miles Edgeworth: *walks out of room for a minute*


Miles Edgeworth's phone rings
Miles Edgeworth: Hello?

Wocky Kitaki-: Hey Edgeworth, we need a bit of help

Miles Edgeworth-: What is it?

Wocky Kitaki-: I need the bloody paper and the weapon analyzed.

Miles Edgeworth-: Is there someone in the room with you?

Wocky Kitaki-: And we need someone in here to do an autopsy

Miles Edgeworth-: I'll be there soon, just give me a few more minutes...

Wocky Kitaki-: Okay, I'll keep investigatin'

Miles Edgeworth-: But we don't have a detective or forensic scientist with us today.

Wocky Kitaki-: How can we find out when the victim died? It's pretty vital

Miles Edgeworth-: I know...
Miles Edgeworth-: We'll figure something out later, I'll be there soon.

Wocky Kitaki-: I... guess we'll just have to make an estimate for now
Wocky Kitaki-: See ya soon.


Miles Edgeworth: I left Wocky Kitaki in charge of gathering evidence...I haven't been able to look at it yet, so I can't say.
Miles Edgeworth: But if you are indeed innocent, I will do everything I can to prove it.

Mr. Hat: Alright... Thank you.

Miles Edgeworth: *Nods and goes back to the crime scene*

-----CRIME SCENE-----

Deadbody has short red hair, is wearing a suit, and is carrying a gun .w.

Wocky Kitaki- D:
Wocky Kitaki-: oh cool, a gun~
Wocky Kitaki-: ....
Wocky Kitaki-: <_< >_>
Wocky Kitaki- must... resist... urge... to... steal...
Wocky Kitaki-: um.... er, okay, lemme take some notes for Edgeworth
Wocky Kitaki-: beforeIstealthegun

Deadbody feel free to ask me any questions

Wocky Kitaki- writes down victim description
Wocky Kitaki-: okay...
Wocky Kitaki-: so the body fell thru the ceiling about 15 minutes ago
Wocky Kitaki-: m'kay, gotta phone call from Edgeworth... no touchin' the evidence
Wocky Kitaki- puts on vinyl gloves
Wocky Kitaki-: Now, where was I...?
Wocky Kitaki-: Ohyah, victim fell thru the ceiling, and had a paper in his pocket
Wocky Kitaki-: the paper says "HAT" on it
Wocky Kitaki- writes down the info in his notebook
Wocky Kitaki-: The victim has a gun on his person, so there might be fingerprints
Wocky Kitaki-: He coulda been shot with that gun, too

Deadbody nope, I was shot with a .45 cal, my gun isn't a .45 cal

Wocky Kitaki- okay
Wocky Kitaki-: so that rules out that possibility...
Wocky Kitaki-: 'Kay, so the victim wasn't killed with his own weapon...
Wocky Kitaki- is there any ID on the victim's body?

Deadbody yes, there's a wallet in my pocket.
Deadbody my name is Norman Edwards, age 29, and I work for the FBI

Wocky Kitaki-: Ah, lemme see who the victim is...
Wocky Kitaki-: FBI... oh man, Edgey really needs to hear about this.

Maya Fey-: he's a FBI agent

Wocky Kitaki -: I wonder who would kill I'm and why, though...
Wocky Kitaki-: I know it couldn't have been Mr. Hat, no matter what he says,
Wocky Kitaki-: but I know he couldn't have done it...
Wocky Kitaki-: hmmm....
Wocky Kitaki- looks up at the hole in the ceiling again

Maya Fey-: hmm...

Wocky Kitaki-: is it called the coroner?

Amy Prin walks into the room
Amy Prin: WOAH, DUDE
Amy Prin walks up to the body
Amy Prin: Someone died?

Maya Fey-: Who are you?
Maya Fey- stares at Amy Prin

Amy Prin looks up at Maya
Amy Prin: Oh, hi. The names Amy, I was walking by and I saw the body, so I wanted to see what was up.

Maya Fey-: That sounds suspicious...
Maya Fey- stares at Amy Prin

Wocky Kitaki-: Ack, when did this ch- er, lady show up?
Wocky Kitaki- was calling Edgeworth

Maya Fey-: Just now.

Wocky Kitaki-: Hmm...
Wocky Kitaki stares at Amy Prin
Wocky Kitaki-: who're you?

Amy Prin: Names Amy Prin, I was just passing by.
Hurr, part 2. I RPed Hat so horribly this time |D I was trying to make him seem nervous, like he was hiding something, but I ended up failing ;w; at least, I think so. Your opinion may differ.
Anyway, this time I made it longer, just because this RPs gotten REALLY long. Seriously, all together in Microsoft word it's 19 pages long owo

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Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Maya Fey played by :iconkimchiartist:

Viola briefly played by :iconk4ko:

Deadbody, Mr. Hat, and Amy Prin played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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Wait, wait wait. The body can talk? Why not ask it who did the murder then?