AAIC: Framed Turnabout

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Deadbody falls through the ceiling

Mr. Hat: :0

Deadbody is dead

Wocky Kitaki-: D:

Miles Edgeworth: D:

Deadbody was MURDERED

Wocky Kitaki-: D8

Miles Edgeworth: Hmm...Let's look for clues...

Wocky Kitaki-: I'll help

Miles Edgeworth: A dead body came into the room not long ago

Wocky Kitaki-: yus...

Miles Edgeworth: Study the body for clues
Miles Edgeworth studies the ceiling.

Wocky Kitaki-: thru the ceiling?
Wocky Kitaki- looks up at the ceiling

Deadbody was shot in the head with a .45 cal

Miles Edgeworth: Maya, did you see anything suspicous on your way here?


Miles Edgeworth: Song?

Wocky Kitaki-: starin' down the barrel for a .45

Mr. Hat: What song, Mr. Kitaki?

Wocky Kitaki-: swimmin' thru the ashes of another life
Wocky Kitaki-: there is no real reason to accept the way things have changed
Wocky Kitaki-: starin' down the barrel of a .45

Miles Edgeworth: Does someone fall through a cieling in that song?

Wocky Kitaki-: uhh, idk, I ain't seen the music video =3=
Miles Edgeworth: Ah, well...

Mr. Hat goes and inspects the body

Deadbody has the word "HAT" written in blood on a paper in his pocket

Mr. Hat: o_o

Wocky Kitaki-: D8
Wocky Kitaki-: mr hot, you killed the victim?!

Mr. Hat: N-no, of course not! I was clearly framed!
Miles Edgeworth: But Mr.Hat was in the room with us the entire time.

Wocky Kitaki-: y-yah...

Miles Edgeworth: WAIT >_> He left a few times...

Wocky Kitaki-: he did...
Wocky Kitaki-: lots of times
Wocky Kitaki-: <______________________________<

Mr. Hat: M-Mr. Edgeworth!
Mr. Hat backs up and looks around nervously

Miles Edgeworth: I'm sorry, but if the evidence points to you, I may have to bring you to the detention center.

Wocky Kitaki-: what were you doin' when you left, mr hot?

Mr. Hat: I-I was...
Mr. Hat: Um, Mr. Edgeworth! How about you escort me down to the detention center >_>;

Wocky Kitaki-: D8
Wocky Kitaki-: Mr. Hat, you really DID kill the victim?!

Miles Edgeworth: Come Mr. Hat, I will question you in the Detention Center...

Mr. Hat pulls his hat down over his eyes and follows Edgeworth out the door

Wocky Kitaki-: D:
Wocky Kitaki-: I can't believe it was Mr. Hat...
Wocky Kitaki-: why would he kill someone?

Miles Edgeworth walks back to give Wocky Kitaki further instruction
Miles Edgeworth: Wocky Kitaki, please look for any evidence you can
Miles Edgeworth: Don't steal anything

Wocky Kitaki-: damn
Wocky Kitaki-: I mean, okay

Miles Edgeworth: This is your time to prove your usefulness as a possible partner in the future *srsface* >: (

Wocky Kitaki-: I might get to be your partner, Edgeworth?

Mr. Hat sits in the Detention Center

Miles Edgeworth: For this case, anyway

Wocky Kitaki- starts investigating the crime scene
Wocky Kitaki-: so lemme see...
Wocky Kitaki- looks carefully at the paper

Miles Edgeworth goes to speak with Mr. Hat in the Detention Center
.w. Ohohoho, it appears there's been a MURDER!
And I'm the prime suspect |D Oh the suspense~

I could post this all at once, but that would be no fun, right? So I'm going to make you all wait at least a day between posts~ thatandwehaven'tfinishedtherpyet |D Enjoy!

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Miles Edgeworth played by :iconmidori-kitty:

Wocky Kitaki played by :iconpkmnresearcher:

Deadbody and Mr. Hat played by yours truly

All characters (c) Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 MewCinnamonFTW
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