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Since the picture has most of the finer points, I'll expand on most of her history here. The first portion pertains to just about any superhero-based fandom I want her in, but the rest is centric to an on-going superhero RPG I'm in along with ~py-primal and ~EKSegerstrom

Additional Pulse pics are: :thumb282311842:, :thumb188402656:, and :thumb388545864: You can find and download the larger image used in this profile :thumb388854597:

Powers and Abilities:

Repel and Draw: Her primary power is the ability to telekinetically lift objects and people, though her control is not fine by any stretch of the imagination. She can either draw objects towards her, or shove them away from her, but has trouble holding things in place or fine manipulations of objects and instruments.

Pulse Wave: In a pinch, Pulse can emit an uncontrolled "blast" of psionic energy from her body in all directions to knock opponents away from her.

Wave Bounce: While not able to control her powers enough to fly, Pulse can send a small wave at her feet to propel her bodily into the air a good distance. As she drops down, she simply sends another wave down to the ground to send herself back up -- hence a 'bouncing' effect when she's in motion. This, obviously, doesn't work that well over water.

History: Lyra's story begins fairly normally, as she was born in Silver Peak to a lithium mine worker and his wife in the early nineties. While they were not rich, they were well-off enough to get by on his salary. But from an early age, things began to happen around the girl which caused her parents much concern. Objects would fly off of shelves near her, or objects she wanted would eke their way towards her outstretched hand as if of their own accord. Hoping she would simply "grow out of it", they ignored the happenings as best they could... until she began doing it in front of friends and family.

Taking her to doctor after doctor, none of them could explain or replicate the events her parents described to them. At a loss, they finally just prescribed tranquilizers to keep the child docile and for a long time, the events ceased. But when Lyra was 13, her parents divorced and she was sent to live with her mother in Los Angeles where she quickly remarried. Feeling as though her life had been effectively torn apart, she was given ever-stronger medication in order to "cope" with life... but stopped taking it, unbeknownst to her parents, when the side-effects became simply too debilitating for her to function. This caused her latent abilities to slowly begin surfacing again, which frightened her at first... then gave her a sense of power and control she felt she'd lost.

Over the years, Lyra slowly began trying to teach herself to harness her abilities without gaining unwanted attention from her family; all the while hearing of the super heroes also operating in the world, and even in the city itself. Eventually, she felt she had enough control to begin utilizing her powers towards her own ends: helping protect the populace when she could in a home-made "disguise" then disappearing with as little fanfare as possible to avoid attention.

Expanded: By 16, Lyra had made a small name for herself even though she avoided staying in public in her 'costume' or working with other heroes. Her abilities caught the attention of Shear, a henchwoman for an unnamed third party, who was ordered to capture the girl and return her to her master so that her powers could be stripped away and added to their own. Knowing her target was likely a local high-school girl, having followed reports of Pulse's appearances in a general area, Shear attacked early one morning just before school and Lyra was forced to don her costume and fight in the middle of the school grounds. She proved little match for the much more experience woman, however, and was beaten pretty badly. The fight drew the attention of some other heroes, namely the Grave and Hellfire, who appeared to aid the young heroine and between the three of them, Shear was driven away. While thankful (and inwardly excited to meet) to her rescuers, she declined their initial offers of assistance and left after being patched up.

Some weeks later, while on patrol, she was approached by another hero -- Osprey, who was in town helping to protect an exhibit on display from his hometown of Pierce City. While cordial, Pulse tried to keep a distance from him.... until she made mention of the fact her parents not only didn't know of her 'job' but that they had kept her medicated for years. This didn't stand well with Osprey at all, and he ended up tailing Pulse back to her home and confronting her mother to find what doctor had done the prescribing; quickly pointing out that the drugs in question were black market quality and usually distributed by activists against meta-humans in general. Neither she nor her mother had had any idea of such a thing, and Pulse found her entire world upside down as she was effectively exposed and her mother demanded Osprey leave or face the police.

Though he did so, Pulse's mother, Corinne, was not far behind him -- intent on confronting the doctor herself and exposing him if necessary; especially if she were unintentionally involved in something illegal. Worried for her mother, Pulse and even Osprey opted to tail her themselves.

Once there, things got out of hand quickly as Hellfire joined the other two heroes and they quickly discovered that the drugs were being supplied to the doctor by an ex-KGB meta-human agent named Sigrid and her clandestine organization. After a hard fight, Sigrid was taken into custody and the doctor was seriously injured... but Pulse was left with a hard choice. Her mother insisted that she only agreed to the medication to keep her daughter from being in danger from superhero work and to protect the family from people who wanted to use her, like Shear. When Pulse brought up all the times in the past her mother had badmouthed superheroes to the point of wishing none ever existed, however, her mother had little to say. Eventually, Pulse took Osprey's offer of an alternative place to stay and she found herself at the Hollywood headquarters of the superhero team, The Show.

Since then, she has stayed with them and began training to finally utilize her powers properly along with physical training to keep up with them. She was also placed into a private academy known to be meta-human friendly to continue her schooling.

Damian/Hellfire and Sigrid are courtesy of: ~py-primal
Osprey is courtesy of: ~EKSegerstrom

Profile Template is courtesy of: ~Rock-Howard
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Awesome Mew!  I love Lyra!!
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Thanks! I'm sure she appreciates it!
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She's a great character ^_^
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Nice mew! :D Can't wait to see the other one you mentioned last week, hehe.
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Thanks! I'm still trying to get to work on it.
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Nicely done love the character and bio! :D
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Thank you very much!
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Love your work! :D
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